It’s Pimm’s O’Clock!


I have to admit, Pimm’s isn’t the first summer drink I will reach for when in the pub garden… however after seeing the Pimm’s Skipnics project come to life at London’s Covent Garden last week, I will definitely become apart of Pimms O’Clock a lot more.
Pimm’s set up skips that were transformed into beautiful “British gardens” for a fun campaign sampling ready made cans of Pimm’s and lemonade and a cucumber sandwich to members of the public who tweeted them with the hashtag #pimmsoclock. Lets be serious here… who doesn’t like a freebee? ESPECIALLY when it’s free booze! So it’s safe to say the campaign was a hit.
The fact I was apart of this campaign by sourcing the staff and their uniform made this event even more special. Not to mention that my favourite Chelsea socialite, Millie Macintosh attended the launch, sporting cleavage baring white blouse with denim hotpants.
It’s safe to say my girl crush has escalated to another level. 
Pimms skipnics Millie

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