Home Made Scotch Eggs



So the other week Laurence was away working at Cowes week and it made me realise how many eggs he eats and how little I eat!


We have 4 chickens in our garden and getting 4 eggs a day really adds up – especially when you’re not eating any of them. Don’t get me wrong, I do like eggs, however I normally prefer them in the form of a baked cake treat… or if I must scrambled in the morning.

And then it dawned on me – SCOTCH EGGS! I bloody love scotch eggs. Yes, this would be how I would use up these eggs.


It was pretty simple really, you start off with boiling the eggs and pealing them.

Then you take some sausage meat and pack it around the egg, like so:


Next you prepare some plates of flour, beaten egg and bread crumbs and simply coat the scotch egg in each of these mixtures:




You can then either bake them in the oven, or fry them in vegetable oil.

Obviously frying tastes WAY better and leaves a runny yoak too… however we opted for the heather baking option:




And PRESTO! There you have some lovely home made scotch eggs!


H x



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