Making Dim Sum




I’m a BIG fan of dim sum and my walk to work each morning is straight through China town, and despite it being 9am, it always smells amazing. So I always have a craving for any kind of Chinese food.

I was watching Gok Cooks Chinese and he made this look super easy, plus I had some left over pulled pork for the filling so we decided to give it a go.


One of the things Gok tells you in his program is that you shouldn’t be ashamed to buy ready made dim sum pastry. I was so happy to hear this as I’ve made the pastry before and although it isn’t difficult, it’s so time consuming and it never tastes as good as the ready made stuff.

So me and L went to a little Chinese supermarket near to us and brought a pack of pastry that had about 100 pieces in and only cost £2! Bargain.



So first you place out the pastry ready to fill, then in a bowl combine the following ingredients:

– Chopped cooked pork (or any other meat you have, chicken always works pretty nice).

– Ginger

– Garlic

– Spring Onions

– Soy Sauce

– Oyster Sauce

It’s as simple as that – taste the mix to see if you need to add in anything else but overall these are the main ingredients to make your tasty Dim Sum.


Then place the mix in the middle of each piece of pastry (don’t put in too much, a teaspoon is norming enough). Then wash egg around the edges to seal the pastry together.


And there you have it – your dim sum are ready to be cooked. We steamed ours, however you can also fry them.

H x


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