KiKi the Kitten – Welcome home!

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Laurence and I have wanted to get a kitten for as long as I can remember and today we finally got our little beauty.

We’ve always wondered if we should get a kitten, as L has two cats that live with his parents from a previous relationship. So there’s always been the argument of if we should take them back or even if his parents would want us to have them back as they now see them as their cats. Enough with the wondering we thought – and we just asked L’s parents. After all that? they said we could get our own little fluff ball.

So less than 5 days later, we had found a litter in Milton Keynes and were on our way to give one a new home.

I’ve always loved the name KiKi for if I had a little girl, and as that won’t be happening anytime soon… we decided to use the name on our gorgeous silver tabby. It’s going to take some getting used to, I’m already wondering what we’re going to do tomorrow when we’re both at work all day! But I couldn’t think of anything cuter to be apart of our family.

So welcome to the family KiKi!

x H


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