Work Treats

One of the many great things about my work is the how we get office treats every week. Not only do we have a treats cupboard which is always stocked with a selection of lovely chocolate and biscuits, but we also get some form of extra treat at least once a week!

Today we were planning on having “healthy” muffins from a cute shop in Covent Garden called “Muffinskies”. They do great muffins from dark chocolate and banana to double chocolate chip. Heaven. However we were left deflated and depressed when we walked to the shop to find out it was no longer there, definitely a big issue as the office LOVES Muffinskies…


image 2

image 3

Not wanting to go back empty handed, me and my friend from work, Emma, ventured to find some sort of muffin replacement and we stumbled across this cute little cupcake cafe called Sweet Couture which was just around the corner from Leicester Square underground on a street called New Row.

image 4image 5

image 4

image 2

A sweet little cafe with a selection of pretty amazing looking cupcakes. There was carrot cake, marble swirl, eaton mess, Oreo, red velvet and blueberry and coconut, all with some pretty impressive icing on top.

image 7

image 5

image 6

image 8


They were pretty damn tasty, but also pretty damn sickly, not that I’m complaining. So Muffinskies are out the window. But it looks like Sweet Couture is in!


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