The Running Horse

This weekend we went to a lovely little gastropub called The Running Horse, In Mayfair, London, to celebrate our friend Tom’s birthday. I’ve said this before, and it’s the reason I like to post blogs on small bespoke places I’ve been to, but I’m really becoming against chain restaurants and bars. I just don’t see the point when you can support a local place and see more of the city you’re in.



It may be down to the fact that Laurence does pub signage for a living, but we were both so impressed with the chalkboard artwork in the pub. We asked the bartender who had done it and it turned out to be a good friend of his, he even told us that she wasn’t extremely confident with her work – which is INSANE. She is extremely talented, I especially loved the horse drawings she had done.

Anyway, down to the important stuff… the food.

It was pretty good, kind of standard gastropub food, but they had done it well and presented it very nicely.


For starter I had Cornish Cock Crab on toast. I loved the addition of radishes and thin slices of apple. I’m not normally a fan of radishes but with these flavours, it worked well. Only thing to criticise was that the bread was slightly too tough to cut – it was more of a pick it up and shove it in your gob meal. Which I have no problem with… however I would have put the crab onto two slightly smaller slices of bread, making it easier to pick up and eat.


Onto mains! A pretty impressive burger in a  brioche bun which are all the craze these days – that’s fine by me. It was slightly different to other burgers I’ve had, in that it was made with a chopped rump skirt cut of beef. Laurence wasn’t so sure about this, he thought it was kind of tough, however I really liked it. I also LOVED the fact that it wasn’t overly juicy, I do love a juicy cut of beef, however in a burger it always seeps through to the bottom bun of the burger making it soggy – and I really hate soggy bread. They also could have been more generous with the gherkins… I love a gherkin, however the two slices given to you wouldn’t even challenge the ones you get in a McDonald’s burger.


And the desert, hazelnut and almond milk chocolate parfait. Does what it says on the tin. If you’re looking for a chocolate hit then you need to order this. I don’t know if I want to be the person to say there was too much of it and it was very very very rich… because who wants to be that person to compain that their desert is too much? Not me really.

A lovely dinner, with some interesting people, celebrating a great persons birthday. It’s evenings like these when I love being able to come into London so easily.


Happy birthday Tom!

x H


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