Gails Bakery Birthday Treats



This week it was one of my boss’s birthdays, so we obviously needed to throw a little celebration for her. Every day on my walk to work, I walk past Gails Bakery in Soho and it always looks and smells AMAZING. I know they have a few bakery’s dotted around London, but not quite enough for it to be a big chain – which ticks the box for me.

It was really lovely in Gails, a stylish interior with a stunning display of their baked goods – everything was so tempting, the bread display especially. I’m not sure how fresh everything was – I really should have asked – but I’m pretty certain they bake everything themselves. Defiantly check out Gails if you come by one, I would recommend getting the sugar and cinnamon muffin.






Anyway a big happy birthday to Kim! Any excuse to buy a load of pastries and drink prosecco is fine by me and it makes midweek at work so much easier!

x H


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