The Fitness Diary: January Start Ups

Last year was not my finest for keeping up with a regular fitness regime and it seems like 6 months down the line the effects of no exercise and one too many home bakes are starting to show.

A little over three years ago I wasn’t in the best place and I would deal with my anger or upset by hitting the gym – HARD. I was also going on a girls holiday to Ibiza which gave me some motivation to shed some weight and get bikini ready. I was heading to the gym for a 6am cardio work out for an hour then again in the evening for a weight session 6 days a week, as well as cutting carbs out from diet. It was pretty extreme… and to be honest I’m not sure if it was 100% worth it. I saw my body change a lot, I got a slight outline of a 6 pack and was definitely trimmer, however with the amount of work I put in, I would have expected it to have shown slightly more. Although I do have to say, hitting the gym to deal with my problems worked a dream for me. I didn’t want to talk about them so being able to take it out on the treadmill and come off feeling physically tired was a great solution.

I’m sure you’ll all be glad to know that not long after my girls holiday I ended up meeting someone I could not live without and instantly nights in with a movie and a takeway became instantly more appealing then spending the evening at the gym.

Three years down the line and I think I’m ready to detach myself from the sofa and get my bum back in gear. So as we settle into 2015, I have set myself the goal to get down to 8stone and a size 8 (I’m currently 10stone – ouch and a size 10, but honestly slowly creeping towards size 12. For my 5ft 4’ frame this is just too much). I go to a local(ish) gym that has some amazing equipment and classes available all for the bargain price of £22.99 a month. I love a good solo work out, however it’s when I attend the classes that I really feel the burn the next day (I mean I seriously find it hard to walk some days…).

So to help me keep up with my new fitness kick, I’m going to do a monthly post with updates on my weightloss, any tips and tricks I’ve got for you, new recipes I’ve discovered, my work out songs of the month and anything else health and fitness related. One thing I’m hoping you will all be happy about is how this will change my way of baking. I will be cutting down the amount of sugary cupcakes and replacing them with delicious healthy recipes – I’m thinking zucchini brownies and protein bars.

Stay tuned guys, I can feel it’s going to be a good year.

Here we go 2015!


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