The Food and Fitness Diary: What I ate today #3

It’s the weekend! For me that means a lie in and a couple of days not really counting the calories. I’ve always wondered how much food I actually put into my body over the weekend as I find it a lot harder to keep track of as I’m not in a particular routine. I have a feeling I could be consuming a hell of a lot without realising…


BRUNCH – 12:30pm

We spent the morning lazing around in bed playing with our kitten and finally dragged ourselves out of bed at around 12 (if you’re going to lay in you may as well do it well!). We weren’t particularly hungry so we just had some yoghurt with granola and honey – such a nice small breakfast. The granola was pecan and maple syrup from Tesco, I actually brought this as an impulse buy when I wondered down the cereal isle by accident. I try not to buy too much cereal as it’s really high in sugar and has way more calories then you think (for example this cereal had 228 calories per 100g!) but I saw this then couldn’t stop thinking about it so in the basket it went. I guess it’s not so bad in small amounts.

photo 1


No fat natural yoghurt (156g): 78 calories

Peacan and Maple syrup crisp cereal (25g): 114 calories (Ouch, this was literally a handful…)

Honey (15g): 49 calories

Mug of hot water and lemon

Total calores: 241 calories


SNACK – 4pm

As we had brunch pretty late, we only wanted a little snack in-between brunch and dinner. I was reading the blog Vivianna Does Makeup ( and saw a post she did on some quick and easy dips to make, one of them being chunky guacamole, and I couldn’t get it out of my head! We had some tortilla chips in our pantry left over from a dinner party so thought chips and dips would be a great snack to help us by.

I worked out the amount of calories in the guacamole and tortilla chips and it came to a shocking 1500 – wow, that’s 725 calories each! That’s insane. This is a typical thing where I would have this on the weekend, wouldn’t think anything of it as I would think the guacamole is pretty healthy being full of fresh veg and the tortilla being plain and simple but it’s definitely not. We only ended up eating half of the guacamole and it was pretty tough to not eat the other half as it was so delicious! I will definitely think twice next time about what dip we have with or crisps.

photo 2

Total calories: 525 (face palm)



Okay so the hairy dieters books are fast becoming a must have with every meal I plan. I just can’t get over the amazing flavours followed along by insanely low calories! I think a lot of it is portion control as well. I used to guess at how much food was needed and shovel it onto the plate without a second thought. Now, because each recipe says how many people it should serve, I’ve learnt a lot about how much food I should be eating at each meal. We’re moving house soon so we’re trying to slowly use up the food in the freezer and I found a pack of lean mince in there, pretty handy as I was really feeling meatballs and hallomi for dinner!

photo 3

Meatballs in sauce:  300 calories

Hallomi slice x3 (30g): 93 calroies

Pitter breadx2: 200 calories

Total calores: 593


As it’s Saturday night, we’re going out for a few drinks with some friends, I decided to drive as January is proving to be quite tight on the purse strings. Plus we have some lunch plans tomorrow with one of Laurence’s friends and their baby so I didn’t really want to be hungover for that. This definitely saved me A LOT of calories as I would have had a whole bottle (or maybe two) of prosecco. Because I’m driving I can tell how much and what I will be drinking which will be 2 glasses of prosecco – I bloody love prosecco.

x2 glasses of prosecco: 190 calories

Total calories: 190


Total daily calories: 1549

No exercise (another face palm – this week hasn’t been the best for exercising)


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