The Food and Fitness Diary: What I ate today #4

If you read my blog you may know that I’ve recently started the 5:2 diet which means 2 days a week I only eat 500 calories. When I type it out it seems kinda ridiculous…

I actually thought the 5:2 diet would be way harder then it’s turning out to be which is a big relief. I’ve even been able to go to the gym on my fast days and not feel any effects from it. Today was one of my fast days (I’ve only done one week of the 5:2 diet so far but I found the best way for me was to do both my fast days at the beginning of the week in a row and just get them over with).

Here’s what I’ve had on my fast day:


LUNCH – 12:30pm

photo 1

I was pretty hungry at lunch so I actually completely forgot to take a photo of my lunch so you’ve got a half eaten one here – my bad.

Diet Coke – 0 calories

Seafood cocktail sushi – 107 calories

Salmon sushi – 108 calories

Prawn cocktail shells (crisps) – 76 calories

Total calories: 291


WORKOUT 6pm-7pm

I went to a circuits class after work today which is by far my favourite class to take at the gym. I love the verity of it and it’s always pretty hard core so I know I’m getting a good work out.


DINNER – 8:30pm

photo 2


Dinner was another recipe from the Hairy Dieters cookbook. MinestroneĀ soup. The recipe I god (from their first dieters book) was only 97 calories a serving! Result for anyone on the 5:2 diet. As I had quite a few calories left we had slightly more then 1 serving each.

Hairy Dieters Minestrone Soup: 150 calories


Total daily calories: 441


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