The food and fitness diary: What I ate today #5

I am officially the worst person at documenting what I eat on my fast days! I’ve been doing my fast days two days in a row (Mondays and Tuesdays) so I can just get them out of the way. Yesterday’s fast day was pretty exciting in my eyes, I had Yo Sushi for lunch and fish cakes for dinner and I completely forgot to take photos of all meals! I will get better at this.

Anyway here’s todays food and fitness diary for you all.


BREAKFAST – 9:30am

photo 1

Quaker Oats So Simple Golden Syrup flavor – 186 calories

90ml Almond Milk – 14 calories

Total: 200 calories


My staple breakfast. I’ve still got quite a few sachets to get through so I have a feeling a lot of my breakfast posts will be a little dull.

SNACK – 11am

photo 2

Pink Lady apple – 55 calories


LUNCH – 1pm

photo 3

Fishcakes – 187 calories

Salad – 30 calories

TOTAL: 217 calories


I made these fishcakes for dinner last night from the Hairy Dieters cookbook and they were pretty nice – another success from those cookbooks. So lunch was leftover cod and smoked cobbler fishcakes with salad.

Last week at work there was an event in our main head office where lots of freebees were given away, lots of them being little bags of sweets and chocolate. Since the event these have been sat in my office draw playing on the back of my mind. Today I finally cracked, a little bag was opened and it was amazing. I love sweets so much, it’s the one thing I find really hard to give up when I’m on a diet or healthy eating (that or a biscuit or piece of cake). I’m not sure how many calories were in this little selection, however it will probably be around the 80 calories mark.

photo 4

80 calories


I wasn’t able to go to the gym yesterday as I had a late meeting to go to, which was really gutting because Tuesdays are Boxersize class which I love so much. Today I was able to get back to the gym and I went to my usual Wednesday circuits class. OH MY GOD it was brutal! I think it was the toughest class the instructor, James, has ever put on. Throughout the whole class I thought I was going to vomit, it was super tough and one of those workouts where I was checking for abs as soon as I finished it.


DINNER – 8pm

photo 1

photo 2

Chilli ginger salmon with thin rice noodles and choi sum – 450 calories

Skinny lemon drizzle cupcake – 167 calories

TOTAL: 617 calories



I had a few of my skinny lemon drizzle cupcakes left over (here’s the recipe if you would like to make them: so we decided to have a little treat after dinner and have a cupcake. I’ve been a little bad with the sweet things today but I’m trying to cut down the need to have something sweet after dinner. It’s proving a little difficult.

I have noticed a big change in my body since going to the gym 4-5 times a week and doing with 5:2 diet with eating healthy-ish on my non-fast days. I’ve lost nearly half a stone in just over 2 weeks! Not bad going.

H x


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