The Food & Fitness Diary: What I ate today #6

BREAKFAST – 9:30am

photo 2.JPG


Golden Syrup Oats So Simple – 186 calories

40ml Almond Milk – 6 calories

TOTAL Calories: 192

This morning there was a big first world problem, I ran out of almond milk. I had a little left to fill half my Oats So Simple sachet, so I decided to fill the other half with water. We do have semi skimmed milk in the office for everyone to use, however I’m really trying to keep off normal milk when I can, so water it was. The only difference with using half water, was the porridge became more solid quicker and it was slightly less creamy. Having said that it didn’t taste half bad! Good to know if I’m ever in such a crisis again.

LUNCH – 1:30pm

photo 3.JPG


Chilli and Ginger Salmon (homemade) – 250 calories

Salad – 50 calories

Garlic and herb dip – 50 calories

Rye bread x2 slices – 59 calories per slice = 117 calories

x2 munch bunch yogurts – 88 calories

Diet coke – 0 calories

TOTAL Calories: 555

Last night Laurence made an amazing dinner of chilli and ginger salmon with noodles and Chinese vegetables, it was super flavorsome and quite light so it was great for when I got back from the gym. True to form, we made enough so we could have it for lunch today, it definitely beats most other lunches in the office! We’re going to Copenhagen at end of February and one of their national dishes is Smorrebrod (an open sandwich normally on rye bread) which sounds right up my ally. I LOVE open sandwiches. So I decided to get into the Danish mind set and make last nights salmon into a Smorrebrod. It was pretty damn tasty!


WORKOUT – 5:45pm – 8pm

Yesterday’s gym session was HARD. I don’t think my circuits instructor has worked us as hard as he did yesterday in a long time. Normally he gives us time limits for each exercise, for example he will say “1 minute of shoulder presses, 1 minute of berpees, 1 minute of squats then 1 minute plank – GO” he would then give us different exercises once we had done that. However yesterday he changed to “21 shoulder presses, 21 berpees, 21 squats and 21 sit ups. Once you’ve done that, do them again but only 15 reps, once you’ve done your 15 reps then do 9 reps”.

Normally if I’m struggling, I can rest for a few seconds and know that in 10 seconds time we will be switching to the next exercise. Yesterday did not work like that! Because we had to do it by numbers not time, it meant there was no skiving and resting. It also meant if I did have a few seconds rest, I would be behind everyone else and I hate being the last one to finish a circuit. It was so tough.

Anyway, there was a positive from it. Whenever I’ve been worked hard I get so motivated to go hard again the next day. Sure I’m super achy but I love the feeling too. So today I got to the gym and did 1 hour and 15 minutes work out in the gym where I did 40 minutes of weights then 20 minutes of cardio and 15 minutes of stretching and ab exercises. I then went to a body pump class after that which I’ve been dying to go to, mostly because it’s in such high demand and gets booked up super quick. It was pretty hard core but was definately worth getting onto, if it doesn’t get booked up next week I will 100% go again.


DINNER – 8:30pm

photo 2


Minestrone soup (Homemade) – 138 calories

Rye bread x2 slices – 59 calories per slice = 117 calories

TOTAL Calories: 255

It’s hard to believe that when I worked in London I used to get home at this time! Now I have the time to go spend just over 2 hours in the gym and be home before I would have been getting back from work. It just reminds me how lucky I am to have a job closer to home. 

Laurence was out tonight and if I don’t need to cook for both of us or if he isn’t there to do dinner for me, I get pretty lazy with what I eat. Luckily we had some minestrone soup left over from earlier in the week that I could have for dinner – result. Plus I had just brought a loaf of rye bread for my lunch so I toasted a couple of those to have with my soup. Considering the fact that I got home late and could not be bothered to cook, I think this was a pretty good dinner.




I really loved the food I had today, my lunch was AMAZING. Let me know if you want the recipe for the salmon and I’ll do a post on it. It was the perfect mix of chilli, sweetness with honey and soy. Such a dream with the cucumber. I’m still dreaming about it now.

H x


3 thoughts on “The Food & Fitness Diary: What I ate today #6

  1. I am planning to do this myself after I return from a trip (I have to try the local food can’t start a diet just yet). Thanks a lot for sharing this it will be a good inspiration and motivation once I will start. And yes, please share the salmon recipe.
    Keep up the good work and keep on track!


    • Trying to eat healthy on a trip is just impossible! You gotta live a little and try the local bakes and dishes in my eyes 😉

      Let me know when you start your food diary, I’d love to see it 🙂 Always good for recipe and meal ideas. I will get the salmon post up today for you – it’s SO good 🙂

      x H

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Thanks for the support, means a lot! I will let you know for sure once I start and I will steal a few of your recipes but also hope to inspire others 😉

    Looking forward for the salmon (as you can see from my blog I apparently have a fish addiction that I wasn’t aware of until now 🙂 )


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