The Food and Fitness Diary: What I ate today #7

It’s Friday and I could not be happier to see the weekend!

Don’t get me wrong, I love my job and I’m not one of those people who are constantly wishing each workday was Friday by any stretch of the imagination (okay, so there may be the odd day where I dream of my Saturday, but that’s pretty rare). I’m so looking forward to the weekend because I am super shattered. I just can’t wait to not hear my alarm tomorrow morning, although, my kitten always wakes me up at 6am so I’ll have to get out’ve bed to feed her, but I will be heading straight back to bed.

I’ve been trying to get to bed for 10pm each week night so I’m not as tired, however last night Laurence and I sat in bed and couldn’t stop talking for about 2 hours. We’ve just brought a house and most of our conversations consist of what amazing things we will be doing with the house. Not so great for my early nights. Plus I am so sore and achy from my gym sessions this week and all I want to do is sit on the sofa and not move.

Anyway, to the point of the post, food and fitness diary post  number 7! I’m really enjoying doing these posts. It’s helping me keep track of what I’m eating and forcing me to go to the gym and so no to that slice of cake. I hope you’re all enjoying them too and I’m giving you some inspiration for meals or work outs or even how to keep track of what you’re eating. Let me know 🙂


BREAKFAST – 9:45am



Oats So Simple Original sachet – 100 calories

x2 teaspoons of sugar – 20 calories

90ml semi skimmed milk – 45 calories



If you read yesterday’s diary post, you will know that the worst has happened and I have run out of almond milk – devastating. We have semi skimmed milk delivered to work for everyone to use for cereal and hot drinks so not all was lost. Because I would be consuming more calories in my milk, I decided to go for the original oats so simple sachet instead of my usual golden syrup one as it’s 80 calories less. However I have to add a little sweetness to it otherwise it just tastes of cardboard in my eyes, so I added two teaspoons of sugar to the mix. Just the right amount to take the cardboard edge off.


TREAT – 11am



Quality Street Toffee Finger: 47 calories


For the past week at work there has been a young guy in the office on work experience and today was his last day. He was extremely clever and brought us all around a box of quality streets to say thank you for his time there (this went down very well in the office). I wish he had left them on the table, because I can then ignore them and resist taking one. However when someone comes up to you offering you a chocolate, it’s pretty hard to say no… plus it’s Friday so a little mid-morning snack is allowed.


LUNCH – 1:30pm



Pesto pasta with falafel, greek cheese and garlic and herb dip

Pestso, spinach and pine nut pasta: 260 calories

x4 Falafel balls: 268 calories

Greek cheese: 80 calories

Garlic and herb dip: 40 calories


I had all intentions bringing in some left over minestrone soup and saving the pennies by not buying lunch today. However Laurence decided he wanted to take it for lunch so I had no option but to go buy lunch today – such a shame. One of the downsides of having to buy lunch is that I’m always so indecisive, I end up standing in the isles of Tescos staring blankly trying to work out what I feel like eating. I’m always in the mood for sushi but when I got to Tescos the pack I normally get was sold out so it took me a good 20 minutes to work out what I wanted was falafel. We got there in the end.

This was one of my most calorific meals I’ve had since being on the 5:2 diet (with the acception of Wagamamas last Friday) and although it was nice, I’m not sure it was worth the calorie content… I will make sure I continue to plan my lunches so I’m not in this predicament again.


DINNER – 7:30pm



Tortilini pasta: 550 calories


Dinner tonight was tortilini pasta and I think it’s the first time I’ve had a carb heavy lunch and dinner in about 2 weeks. I’m so full it’s ridiculous and I’m not sure if it’s the kind of full I like. The 5:2 diet is definitely working on the food portion front, I get full a lot quicker which I really like as it stops me from over eating and helping myself to seconds. We were planning on having paella for dinner but I wasn’t feeling very well and wanted something simple to eat so pasta it was.

Not an extremely healthy day but sometimes you just have to have the things that make you feel better.





5 thoughts on “The Food and Fitness Diary: What I ate today #7

  1. What is your daily calorie goal and do you know how many calories a meal has or you research it afterwards? Knowing beforehand what you will have for lunch/dinner can help a lot to stay on track and not go over the calorie goal.


    • I’m on the 5:2 diet where 2 days a week i eat 500 calories and i set myself a limit of 250 calores for lunch and 250 for dinner. On my nom fast days im pretty mucg trying to be healthy and stick to 1200 calories. You’re so right about the meal planning! When I plan its so much easier to stick with it. If you know of any good low calorie meals I’d love to hear them 🙂
      H x

      Liked by 1 person

      • I am planning to meal plan 🙂 once I start myself and I will try to stick to 1200 calories / day so I will probably post mostly low calorie dishes. Also I will try to limit the sweets and sodas (that is what I will struggle with mostly). You can check Jamie Oliver’s site they added the nutritional information for the recipes so that can be helpful.


      • It would be great to see some of the recipes you’ll be making! I love Jamie Oliver recipes so that’s super useful. Some good ones for low calorie meals are the Hairy Dieters books (all meals are between 100 and 400 calories! and so delicious). I’m also trying out a few recipes from and this week so I will keep you updated with how they are!
        Good luck with it 🙂 xx

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      • Thanks for the tips! Just got back from a 2 week trip to New Orleans, I was not planning on such a painful jet lag, it took me a while to get back in shape. Unfortunately I am way behind with my blog posting but I did started my diet and fitness since Monday. My first post will be up soon but my plan to meal plan is not going as expected but hope to get back on track fast. 🙂


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