The Food and Fitness Diary: What I ate today #8

Happy Monday everyone!

I spent the weekend trying out some healthy bakes using things like avocados and I’m really excited to share with you how they went. I’ll be editing the videos of the baking and sharing with you real soon so hold tight for that 🙂

I’m really starting to get into this healthier lifestyle and I’m really enjoying trying to find some healthy bakes that are just as good as the indulgent high calorie originals. I bloody love baking and more importantly, eating my bakes, which doesn’t go down too well when you’re trying to be healthy. So I will be sharing with you my success and unsuccessful bakes over the next few weeks. Anyway, back on track to this post.

Today is one of my fast days, so I will be limiting my daily calorie intake to 500 calories. Which causes for quite a bit of planning and a lot of precision when cooking dinners. I really hate having to weigh out how many potatos I’m putting in something but Its the only way to track your calorie intake well. It’s pretty much impossible to do 500 calories and eat 3 meals in a day (if you can do this then I salute you and I NEED to know what you’re eating!), so you pretty much need to decide on one meal you’re going to miss on your fast days. Because of where I work, everyone takes an hour lunch and the office is filled with lovely smelling foods, so skipping lunch is a big no no. I’m also still going to the gym on my fast days which means I’m pretty hungry when I get home so it leaves me with skipping breakfast which I’m fine with.


Lunch – 1:45pm



Smoked Salmon Sushi pack: 120 calories

Sweet Chilli Smoked Salmon pack: 107 calories

Diet Coke: 1 calorie

Hartley’s No Added Sugar Strawberry Jelly Pot: 5 calories

TOTAL: 233

I actually remembered to take a photo of my lunch today! It almost didn’t happen, but I managed to stop myself mid opening of my sushi. We can all breath a sigh of relief. I love sushi so much and these little packs are two for £2 in Tesco so it’s not hard on the purse strings either.


Workout – 5:45pm-7pm

I’m such a creature of habit with my work outs and I love a good class, so Monday’s are circuits class. One of my favorite classes, I really feel you get the best work out in these classes. You get a really good mix of HIT and lots of exercises done target specific areas so you really know what you’re working on. If you ever get a chance to go to one of these classes then I would totally recommend it.


Dinner – 8pm


Veggie Bean Burgers with Gem Lettuce Salad and Creamy Mango Sauce: 237 Calories

TOTAL: 237 calories


I saw this recipe in the Hairy Dieters book and wanted to give it a go, not just because it fit in well with my diet but because I’m really intrigued about trying to cut down on the amount of meat I eat. Not that I eat lots of meat, but I’ve heard really good things about eating like a vegan and making sure you get your source of protein from things like beans, so I decided to give this one a go.





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