The Food and Fitness Diary: What I ate today #10


It really works well for me doing my two fast days at the beginning of the week. I know that some people think it’s bad to do them in a row as when you’re done you could possibly over eat on the non fast days… that hasn’t been an issue with me so far. Obviously if it was up to me I would eat all the time anyway as I just bloody love to eat, but it’s just about self control, right?




Quaker Oats So Simple Golden Syrup flavor – 186 calories

90ml Almond Milk – 14 calories

Total: 200 calories


SNACK: 11:45pm


x2 Salt and Vinegar Rice Cakes (47 calories each): 94 Calories

50g cucumber (approx): 5 Calories

50g carrot (approx): 20 Calories

15g Soft Cheese (approx): 17 Calories

x1 tablespoon garlic and herb dip: 30 Calories



I was really feeling like a little snack in between breakfast and lunch so I decided to have some rice cakes as a little snack. Don’t be fooled, these salt and vinegar rice cakes are pretty tasty, especially with some soft cheese and cucumber on top. Not to mention a filling but low calorie snack.


LUNCH: 1:45pm


Mushroom and Chickpea Stew: 246 Calories

Diet Coke: 1 Calorie

x2 table spoons of creme fresh: 24 calories


Good old left overs for lunch today, which were just as good, if not better, then last night. Anything with curry spices in always get better the next day as the flavors really come out. I think I put slightly too much chilli in the mix last night as it was pretty hot (and I can handle hot food) so I added a little creme fresh to go with it, that little bit of coolness was just right.

It was all going so well… then this happened. To be honest I don’t regret it, it tasted pretty amazing and it’s one of the great reasons I’m on the 5:2 diet, you can afford to have a little treat now and then.


Jam Doughnut: 242 Calories

WORKOUT: 6pm – 7pm

I felt really guilty for not going to the gym yesterday, so I decided to make it up today with a double class. I started with circuits – which wasn’t half as hard as last week, yet it was still pretty hard core. I had booked myself into spinning straight after circuits and I had spent the whole time in circuits plucking up the courage to go. I’ve never been so scared of a gym class so I was gutted when I turned up and it was cancelled as the instructor was stuck in traffic – not cool.

DINNER: 1:45pm


Spinach Pearl Barley Risotto: 420 calories


I saw this recipe on the Honestly Healthy blog and as we have pearl barley and spinach in the house, it seemed like a no brainer to give it a go. Plus I love risotto! This was really delicious and didn’t feel too heavy which was a nice change to how you feel after risotto. I would have thought that the calories would have been lower as there’s not really anything bad in this but I guess the carbs are “good carbs” so it isn’t so bad.

If you want to give this recipe a go then here’s the link:

Check out some of their other recipes, there’s some really great ones to try. They also have a book out that I will defiantly be purchasing.



4 thoughts on “The Food and Fitness Diary: What I ate today #10

  1. Great job on counting calories! I should probably be doing the same since I’m trying to gain weight and become toned, lean, and more muscular. I’m only a tiny 5’6 54kg, so still a long way to go. That risotto is definitely something I need to make. Also, if you’re ever craving something sweet, try honey on rice cakes or rice bread. I find it always breaks the afternoon sweet tooth x


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