The Food and Fitness Diary’s: What I ate today #11

I’m not really sure what my excuse for not posting yesterdays food and fitness diary was… I can’t even blame being rushed off my feet! Although I do normally kickstart these posts on my lunch breaks and finish them off once I’ve had my dinner and yesterday I didn’t really have a chance to have a lunch as I was in and out of meetings all day at work. So I guess I kind of was rushed off my feet…

Anyway here’s the Food and Fitness Diary number 11!


Snack – 12:30pm


Pink Lady Apple: 71 calories

1.5 Tablespoons of peanut butter: 201 calories

x1 homemade peanut butter protein ball: 116 calories

TOTAL: 388 calories


In the morning I was at my local Argos doing store support which is great for me as it gives me a bit of a lie in but it also means I completely forgot to eat breakfast. So by the time I finished store support I was super hungry and ended up grabbing one of my post gym work out snacks and then having an apple with some more peanut butter. So calorific but so good too. No regrets.

This is a really great post gym workout dish too – give it a go if you haven’t tried it before, it’s really Delicious!


LUNCH – 1:45pm


Gem lettice leaf with pearl barly and spinahc risotto, cucumber, feta cheese and half a veggie burger: approx 250 Calories

Diet coke: 1 calorie

Freddo chocolate bar: 97 calories


This is the ultimate left over meal dish! two leftover dinners in one – I’m pretty proud of my making meals stretch this week. Plus I’ve realized that every meal we’ve had has been meat free and pretty much all have been vegan! I was so surprised to realize I didn’t miss meat whatsoever. Plus I feel better about eating leftovers when there’s no meat in it as I guess the risk of getting ill is slightly less…


DINNER – 8pm


x1 slice of Rye bread: 87 calories

x2 egg: 66 calories

x2 tablespoons of weight watchers creme fresh: 24 calories

100g baby button mushrooms: 16 calories

100g baby spinach: 15 calories


x2 squares of fudge: 340 calories

TOTAL: 548 calories


OH MY GOD THIS DINNER WAS AMAZING! I had a bit of a stomach ache so I skipped the gym and I also decided I wanted a light dinner. Plus we had mushrooms and spinach to use up and I wanted to get some rye bread for breakfast at the weekend so we came up with this dish and it was super nice. We had something similar for brunch last weekend where we had smoked ham in place of the mushrooms – so good. Laurence brought me some smoked salt for Christmas and we put a pinch of this on the top (it’s really strong so you only need a little) and it made the whole dish blow up with amazing flavor!

If you’re a big fan of salt like I am then you need to get yourself some smoked salt – it will change your life.





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