Current Cravings | The February ASOS lust list

Ever since I started my new job, not every single penny I earnt went on bills and food and I actually have some disposable income each month. It’s an amazing feeling.

I know I should be putting the money aside into my savings and not spending every last pound, but I kinda feel I need to get it a little out of my system and have some fun (and by fun I mean shopping…). I’ve also got the excuse of buying my first house, so naturally I want to re-design it all – much to my boyfriends dismay.

So I wanted to do a post on my current cravings i.e. things I’ve had sat in my online baskets for a month and things I’ve convinced myself I need in my life. Let’s start of with my favorite things to spend my money on… clothes. I’m always a big lover of ASOS and my wish list is never short of products, here’s what’s currently sitting at the top of the list:


ASOS lust-01


Noisy May Plaid Checked Mini Skirt


I need to get a move on with actually ordering this one… I always panic whenever things are reduced on ASOS because I know they could sell out in a matter of hours. I’m starting to sweat a little…


ASOS 90’s Dungaree Playsuit


Okay this one I am really struggling with… to by or not to buy?! OPINIONS NEEDED HERE.

I’ve seen a couple of people on my instagram rock this look and fell in love. I especially like the grey high neck top, tights and thigh high boots look with this (I’m moving onto thoughts on thigh high boots a little later…). I’m not sure if I like them enough to spend £38 on them. These will most likely have to be a buy and try and maybe fall in love purchase…

#3 ASOS Kitten Sunglasses With Metal Top


I am just in love with these – definitely going into my basket.

I have too much love for Tortoiseshell glasses.

#4 Minkpink Breakfast Club Track Lounge Shorts


As I’m writing this I’m starting to realize how ridiculous it is to spend £55 on some PJs… Especially as I actually just want some comfy lounging about clothes and have no real care for the print. I think I’ve just talked myself out of these.

Just get yourself some comfys from H&M Hope…

#5 Esprit Gill Loungewear Long Trouser


This is what I’m talking about – comfys. YES.

I think these could either look AMAZING and be the answer to all my lounge wear problems… or they could look hideous. Either way I think they should make their way into the basket, let’s see if they make the cupboard draw or if they are sent back to the wonderful world of the ASOS warehouse…

I was originally going to put all of my current cravings in this post, but I then realised how big my current cravings list actually is! I may have to rethink some things, otherwise my bank will take a serious hit. Let’s split up the posts and give me some time to decide if I do actually need some other things in my life (the answer will probably be yes…).

H x


The End Game book review



I was asked by my friend and brother-in-law (kind-of, James is married to my boyfriends sister, but that’s a bit of a mouthful so it’s easier to call him my brother-in-law) to do a review on James Frey’s The End Game, The Calling*.

It’s the first time I’ve been asked to do a book review and I wanted to have the opportunity to reach out to a few new bloggers by doing something different to my usual travel tips or baking recipe, teamed with the fact that I have two hours worth of train journeys for my commute to work each day, it seemed like the perfect opportunity!

The End Game is about 12 meteors landing on earth signaling the end of the world where 12 original lines of humanity must fight against each other to find the earth key. Only one of these lines of humanity can ‘win’ and save only their line. What’s different about this story is that James Frey has created a puzzle for the reader throughout the book. On the launch of the book he offered readers the opportunity to win $100,000 by solving the puzzle (a lovely touch and good marketing ploy I thought!).

When I first read the synopsis of the book, I couldn’t help but feel a little deja vu, I’m sure you know what series of books I’m on about… yes, The Hunger Games. I was addicted to The Hunger Games, I thought they were done brilliantly. Normally I hate reading a book before watching a film as I don’t like to picture the characters and setting then be ‘let down’ by the film as it wasn’t as I pictured it. This wasn’t the case with The Hunger Games, I love Jennifer Lawrence and I think she plays Katniss very well. Endgame just sounded way too similar, even right down to the fact there are “12 bloodlines” (12 districts), “players must be between 13 and 17” (Each district has a tribute between the ages of 13 and 18)

I feel bad comparing this book so much to The Hunger Games as I’m sure James Frey was working hard on this book  from before The Hunger Games came out…. I’m sure he was also pretty miffed (if my predictions are right about him working on it for a while) about the similarities in the story lines. The book follows different characters with each chapter jumping to a different characters view point of the events unfolding. I have to admit, because of this, it took me a little time to get into the flow of the book as naturally you’re going to want to follow some other characters more than others as you find some more interesting. What was most interesting was how you could relate and sympathize with all characters rather then just one main character. I wasn’t used to this way of reading and thinking so it was actually pretty tough to detach myself from certain characters when they died (I won’t spoil it for you by saying who!).

Throughout the book my mind couldn’t help but astray and not fully engage with the story. I’m not sure if it’s because my love for the hunger games is border lining obsessive, or if because I simply couldn’t engage with the characters like I would normally in a book. As a 22 year old, I think I’m right at the top of the age bracket this book is targeted towards and I would actually wonder how someone younger then me would follow it (although my attention span isn’t great so it could just be down to me…).

To sum up, if you’re a fan of fantasy books and you’re looking for something a little more then Harry Potter and you were obsessed with Divergent, then give this a go. Just because I wasn’t completely head over heels for it doesn’t mean you won’t be.

Let me know what your thoughts are on the book if you’ve read it – I’d love to know!


H x


*a big thank you to Harper Collins for the PR sample and giving me the opportunity to do this review

The Food and Fitness Dairy’s: What I ate today #16

Breakfast: 9:30am


Quaker Oats So Simple Golden Syrup flavor – 186 calories

90ml Almond Milk – 14 calories

Total: 200 calories


Snack: 11am


x1 Kiwi – 46 calories


Every couple of weeks we get a vegetable box delivered from a company called Able & Coal which I love so much! We sometimes get some really different things which makes us think of something slightly different to do with it. In our latest one we had some Kiwis amongst lots of other amazing fruit and veg. Kiwis are one of those fruits that I forget how much I love, I have serious amounts of time for this fruit – super yummy.


Lunch: 1:30pm


Oven roasted mushrooms, green beans, greek cheese with peppery salad and chicken: 270 calories (approx)

Diet Coke: 1 calorie

TOTAL: 271 calories (approx)


Oh my god it is so wrong that a salad tastes so good! Seriously, this is one of the best salads I’ve made to date and I think it’s all thanks to the seasoning on the chicken. I use a brand called Dunns River which I coat the chicken in and then place the chicken in little foil parcels and put in the oven for about 20 minutes. SO GOOD AND JUICY. I’m just imagining it again now…


Snack: 3:30pm


Slice of chocolate cake: 260 calories


Okay so before you judge me, there was a bake sale at work where we were raising money for ovarian cancer… so excuse me while I enjoy this piece of cake whilst knowing I have given to a good cause.


Workout: 6pm – 8pm

I did a core stability class today from 6pm-6:30pm which I really like because it’s less hard core then some of the other classes I go to in the week and is quite nice to wind down and do some exercises that don’t require jumping up and down with weights. Straight after I went to a Body Pump class which is now the second time I’ve gone and I’m still trying to make my mind up about this class with if I like it or not… it’s all done to tracks so it’s pretty fast paced and you kinda need to know what you’re doing in order for you to get an efficient work out. It’s definayely not the kind of class where you get support from the teacher with if you’re doing the work outs right or not – which I really don’t like. Also I think when you’re doing exercises too quick your technique can go off and it can cause ingury… But I’m going to go to a few more classes and see how it goes because there are no other Thursday’s classes and I love a good class rather then going to the gym alone and being bored.


Dinner: 9:45pm


Potato and Leek pasty with carrots and cabbage: 250 calories

Diam Bar: 150 calories (opps)


Laurence and I ended up both getting home pretty late so we didn’t get started on dinner till about half 8 and we totally didn’t realise how long this dinner took to make. It’s another Hairy Dieters recipe and it was pretty good, although I think a bit of bacon or chicken would make it even better – although that would bring up the calorie count quite a bit…

I was really bad and had a diam bar after dinner, I was weak, I know.



A long weekend in Vienna and Bratislava: Vlog and Blog


This is a long awaited post that I’ve been putting off since the beginning of the year. Don’t get me wrong, I love doing blog posts on the places we’ve visited and taking a trip down memory lane with where we went and what we did. However I wasn’t sure how I really felt about our time in Vienna and Bratislava and I wanted to make sure this post was as fair as possible.

Laurence and I went to Vienna in the Christmas and New Year break along with my dad and his wife Suzie and we also took a day trip to Bratislava once dad and Suzie had gone home (Bratislava is about a 40 minute train journey from Vienna so a day trip is totally doable).

Before I give you a day by day break down of where we went and what we did, I thought I’d let you know why I wasn’t overly enthusiastic about the trip. Vienna is a lovely place – it’s freezing in winter! But it’s full of some great restaurants, shops and museums. However I just wasn’t overly balled over by the place… there wasn’t anything particularly interesting to do, there was a bit of an odd atmosphere there (I’m not sure if that was to do with the fact Christmas was over and  people were winding down?). We had a lovely time, however I’m not too sure if I would recommend it as a place to go – there’s a lot more interesting places to go above this place. I just can’t quite put my finger on it which must be super annoying for you as you would want to know why I don’t recommend it… I just think you would have a better time going somewhere like Sweden or Amsterdam – but that’s just my opinion.


Day 1



We arrived in Vienna at around 2pm and checked into our hotel, Hotel Topaz. I think the winner with this hotel was the amazing big oval windows in the rooms that have cushioned window ledges – they were pretty impressive. Although we did book and pay for rooms with these windows for both Laurence and I and dad and Suzie, but for some reason dad and Susie didn’t get a room with the impressive window but we still payed for it… If you decide to stay here, make sure you check with reception what you’re getting! One other thing I loved about the bedrooms was the beautiful marble bathroom. The shower was amazing and has defiantly set me bathroom goals as to what I want my new bathroom to be like!

I love it when a hotel gives you little welcome gifts in your room and Hotel Topaz did just this with these little Austrian cakes which were kind of like battenbergs – really sweet and a nice touch. It’s also very rare that a hotel offers a free mini bar, we’ve only ever had this before in our hotel we stayed at in Rome, Hotel Topaz offered a free mini bar in your room with a selection of soft drinks, some wafer biscuits (always a hit with me) and I think a beer also. I just think its a lovely touch to offer this for free when you’re spending quite a bit of money on a hotel room.


Hotel Topaz’s generosity didn’t stop there, they also have a restaurant/bar at the bottom of the building where they offer free drinks from wine to coffee and snacks from 10am – 10pm. I would defiantly recommend staying in this place, purely for their little acts of kindness really! The staff were also super friendly and helpful, they didn’t hesitate to help us when we asked them about where they would recommend for dinner or even printing off train timetables for us.




Once we had unpacked in our rooms and finished our glass of wine from the hotel free bar, we headed out to explore some of the city (with our sights set on getting ourselves a hotdog). Hotel Topaz is a short 3 minute walk from St. Stephen’s Cathedral – the mother church of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Vienna and the seat of the Archbishop of Vienna, Christoph Cardinal Schönborn. The church is smack in the middle of the center, extremely close to Vienna’s ‘Oxford Street’ and it’s pretty hard to miss, you can spot it from a good few miles away with its height and amazing chevron tiled roof.

I can sometimes feel a little weird going into churches as I’m an atheist and I’m not really sure how I feel about the cost put into churches. However this was a really stunning church that was almost modest at the same time in terms of not being completely gilded and over the top. Although I don’t follow a religion, I can still appreciate a place of worship and I always love the feeling of calm and safety that comes when visiting a church.

If you come to Vienna you have to come check this church out – you will be pretty impressed. However watch out for the actors outside the front of the church. They’re dressed up in costumes and are there to get people to sign up to tour guides and they can be pretty persistent and annoying, so don’t make eye contact and don’t speak to them if you’re not interested.



By the time we came out of the church, we noticed we hadn’t eaten since the morning and it was now getting to 4pm so energy levels were slacking… a hot dog was needed. I’ve found that a lot of other European countries have a big culture for hotdogs, Iceland was very similar with their love for a good frankfurter – I think it’s a great obsession to have and I’m considering starting a petition to get hotdog stands put in every corner in the UK, starting with at the end of my road.

Laurence had done some research into a few popular stands and suggested we should go to one called ‘Bitzing Wurstelstand Albertina’ which is right outside the Albertina (very convenient for a snack after you’ve been to a show…). I was expecting a frankfurter and I think they had a few of those to offer, however we had a chipolata style hotdog which was pretty damn tasty! They’ve got a great way they prepare the bun where they put it on a pole so it creates a hole in the baguette and they then put the sauce in the hole followed by the sausage. A great idea which means you can easily eat the hotdog and not worry about getting all the sauce on your gloves or around your mouth – genius!



By the time we had finished out hot dog, we were getting really cold, so we went to find a cafe where we could warm up.


We stumbled across Cafe Tinolerhof a short walk down from the hotdog stand and it looked really cute so we thought we’d head in and take a look. It seemed like a traditional cafe that had a cosy feel to it and the kind of vibe where you feel like you should be sat with an old classic novel whilst having a cigarette (I don’t even smoke) – very European.

We ordered hot chocolates with amaretto and a slice of strudel which was just the hit of comfort and warmth we were after. Although I have nothing bad to say about this place, I also wouldn’t hugely recommend it too… purely down to the fact that I’m sure there are lots more historic and more traditional cafes around. But as far as taking shelter from the cold, it did the job and the hot chocolate was pretty tasty. One word of warning, they didn’t accept cards so make sure you have cash on you if you do decide to go.


IMG_2144 IMG_2145 IMG_2147 IMG_2148 IMG_2151 IMG_2154

Pre-dinner drinks at Motto Am Fluss, a stunning canal-side bar which is about a 5 minute walk from the center.

We had actually planned to go the the loft bar which isn’t too far from here, however they were fully booked so we needed to find somewhere for pre dinner drinks and stumbled across Motto Am Fluss while wondering back to the center. We noticed the stunning looking bar overlooking the canal and thought we had to check it out. It’s a slightly odd entrance… it’s almost like you’re walking through a terminal to get to the bar entrance, so if you feel you’re in the wrong place to get there then you’re probably not! Keep walking… you’ll find it.

We were so impressed with this place, the interior was really cool and looked really beautiful. The staff were so friendly, very professional and helpful. We had a couple of cocktails here which were delicious and the bar tender didn’t hesitate to bring over some more complimentary nuts when we asked. Great vibe, lovely drinks, amazing service. I would have been happy to spend hours in this place.


IMG_2157 IMG_2158 IMG_2160 IMG_2162 IMG_2163 IMG_2164

A big must on my list when visiting a new country is to make sure we go somewhere where you try the best of the local/national dish. I honestly don’t see the point traveling half way around the world to eat something you could have at home (with the acceptation of Sushi… we have sushi in pretty much every place we go – guilty). However on average I think you should eat the local food as much as possible.

The national dish in Vienna… Wiener Schnitzel (thin, breaded and deep fried veal). We had orginally planned to go to a popular restaurant in Vienna (I can’t actually remember the name of it) to have this, however when we asked our hotel to book it for us, it was fully booked, so they recommended this place instead.

Griechenbeisl is one of the oldest restaurants in Vienna and it’s nestled away down a cute little entrance and it isn’t short of character! It was lucky we booked as there was a good 8 people waiting for a table – always a good sign in my eyes. The restaurant has a number of little rooms with about 8 tables in each and it has this lovely cosy traditional feel to it. Our waiter was brilliant and although the food was pretty average, it was still lovely and worth a visit.

Day 2


IMG_2184 IMG_2187photo

Day two in Vienna!

We started off the day with a trip to Belvedere Palace and Museum which was a bit of a walk from our hotel, I think it took us about 25 minutes to get there. If you’re an art fan and love Monet and Klimt then you need to come here. The Monet exhibition was stunning and full of countless amounts of his pieces. The walk from the museum that showed Monet’s art to the palace was across the grounds and was beautiful in the snow. The palace had a number of Klimts pieces, including Austria’s most famous – The Kiss. Like it or not, it’s pretty impressive to see such a unique take on art. I would recommend getting yourself a audio guide too, it’s always so interesting to hear the back stories behind pieces of art – it gives you so much more application for the artist and the work you’re studying.

Just a quick note, you’re not actually allowed to take photos of the art – I was so amazed by the kiss that I took a very sneaky photo without being caught…

IMG_2193 IMG_2194 IMG_2195 IMG_2196 IMG_2198 IMG_2199 IMG_2200

After walking from the Belvedere Palace and Museum to the Nachmarket, we were so cold and in after not having breakfast, we were in need for some food. Most of the places for food in the Nachmarket were either outside stools or the places that were inside were full. So we decided to give Grafin von Naschmarkt a go as it was right next to the market.

I’ve since found out that this place has some bad reviews on tripadvisor which I find really confusing because I found this place quite good. It’s got a really interesting interior, has a nice cosy feel to it, the service was great and the food we had was pretty good, not gormet but still not half bad. We ordered some red wine which wasn’t amazing but what do you expect with house red? For food we ordered a sausage platter for two (but between four it was more then enough!) It was a pretty straight forward platter of chips, sausage, sauerkraut and some other little bits and it was really nice – hard to get wrong but it hit the spot.

I’m not sure if we just had a good experience here… but I really don’t think it deserves a poor rating. It was cute, cosy, good food and good service. Give it a chance and let me know if it was just down to us being lucky!


I think a must in any country is to go and check out the food markets, you get such a good feel of the local food and national dishes and I also love to pick up some cured meats and spices to bring home. It can sometimes be a little overpriced, however I like the idea of supporting the community and sharing the love.

IMG_2213 IMG_2216 IMG_2217

If there’s one place I would reccomend out of anywhere to go in Vienna, it is Le Loft at Sofitel Vienna. We went to Le Loft for pre-dinner drinks and were not disapointed – the view is breath taking! You get pretty much a 360 view of the city and at night it really is stunning.

It’s not the cheapest… a cocktail is around £20 each, so be prepared to spend a good £100 on a couple of rounds. In my eyes though, it’s 100% worth the money for the service, view and general design and atmosphere of the place. A great excuse to get your cocktail dress out and an even bigger excuse to treat yourself.

IMG_2234 IMG_2236IMG_2220  IMG_2226 IMG_2229 IMG_2233

For dinner we went to Le Ciel which is pure indulgent opulence in Vienna. We chose from the a la carte menu and had some quite frankly delicious food which was sooo unctuous and delicious that I completely forgot to take photos of what I ordered for mains.

For my starter I had egg yolk confit, potato truffle cream, spinach and smoke aroma. For mains, beef tenderloin with bone marrow crust, swiss chard and balsamic vinegar shallots. Deserts was the best plate of cheese you could ever imagine paired with a stunning red Austrian wine. We also got a few complimentary sweet treats which were lovely.

A pricey dinner but for the service and quality of food and drink you get it is 100% worth it.

Day 3

IMG_2241 IMG_2245 IMG_2247

Vienna is really close to Bratislava so we decided to take a day trip on our second to last day. My dad and Suzie were leaving early so they didn’t come with us, to be honest it’s not particularly their thing so it worked out well.

You can get a train from Vienna to Bratislava which takes about 45 minutes and costs about 30 euros return for two people. I’m going to be honest, there isn’t that much to do here, you don’t need to plan more then a day drip. We decided to walk from the train station to the center… which is a fair old walk, I think it took us about an hour. It’s not particularly built up for tourism, the walk from the station to the center was through housing estates and over motorways…


IMG_2249 IMG_2250

Once we got to the center we were pretty cold and in need of some serious warming up. Luckily we found this little cafe in the center that was serving these amazing bowls of melted chocolate that also come with different flavored wafers to dip in, it was just what we needed. I never normally forget to note down where we stop but this time I did so unfortunately I can’t tell you the name of this place, but if you go to the center and get to a square it’s in the square (rubbish instructions, sorry!).

IMG_2257 IMG_2258 IMG_2260

There isn’t a huge amount to do in Bratislava, after having our bowl of chocolate, we took a stroll up to the castle at the top of the hill which was pretty amazing as you can overlook the whole city – great views.


IMG_2272IMG_2263 IMG_2264 IMG_2266 IMG_2268 IMG_2270

One thing Laurence and I love to do in different countries is check out a place that serves our favorite (okay, my favorite) food – sushi. It’s normally way cheaper in other countries then in the UK so I always want to take advantage of that and get a good few California rolls in before we leave.

Laurence found a place called Natsu which was a little walk from the Naschmarket we went to a few days before, it had some great reviews so we thought we’d check it out. Natsu was a small little restaurant that has about 12 tables so it has a really great cosy, personable feel to it. It’s a good thing we have sushi a lot because the waitress only really spoke Japanese and German, luckily we knew the food we wanted and were able to point at the menu to place our order.

Not only was the food amazing, great quality fish, crispy and juicy gyozas and warming miso soup. The wine wasn’t amazing… my tip would be go for a soft drink or a beer. It turned out we had ordered a load of the food from the half price menu and our bill only came to 28 euros which is unbelievable. This would have cost about £40 in London! If you’re a sushi lover like me and you’re looking to get your hit then check this place out – you won’t be disappointed.


Day 4


IMG_2276 IMG_2278 IMG_2287 IMG_2289

Our last day in Vienna and we decided to take the metro to the Prater theme park and check out the the ‘famous’ ferris wheel. The theme park itself looks pretty good, full of some good rides, however we were there when it wasn’t in season so the only ride really running was the Ferris wheel. Plus is was New Years Eve so I’m not sure if they were maybe gearing up for an event and things were opening later…

The ferris wheel cost about 30 euros for the both of us and if I’m honest, it totally wasn’t worth it. You got an okay view of the city, however the cabins are pretty old and worn. You would be a lot better getting the amazing view from Le Loft instead… I wasn’t that fussed about it being rubbish as we had time to kill before our flight.

All that was left to do was go check out a local supermarket (I love doing this when we go away), buy some cold meats and cheeses to take back with us for our New Years party back at home, grab our suitcases from the hotel and jump on the train to the airport. I would 100% reccomend taking the train to the airport, for a taxi it costs 40 euros to get to the airport, however train tickets are about 13 euros each. It’s really easy to get the metro to the station you go from and the train is direct to the airport and from there it’s really easy to find your way to the terminal. Save some money and train it!


I really hope this post has helped you if you’re planning on going to Vienna or Bratislava. If it has then drop a comment and let me know what was useful – I’m always looking to improve my travel posts so some feedback is always great. Also if you haven’t followed my blog or subscribed to my YouTube channel ( yet then please do 🙂

H x

The Food and Fitness Dairy’s: What I ate today #15

I’m really struggling with energy this week. I don’t know why but I’m so tired and finding it so hard to wake up in the morning. I think the rest of the week I will be tucked up in bed by 10pm and I’m also going to up my vitamin intake too. More fruit I’m thinking will give me some more energy and a good sugar hit.


Breakfast: 09:30am


Quaker Oats So Simple Golden Syrup flavor – 186 calories

90ml Almond Milk – 14 calories

Total: 200 calories


The usual breakfast… Sorry this must be getting dull!


Snack: 11:00am


1 Clementine: 35 calories


I’ve recently swapped over from having the Quaker Oats So Simple ‘bigger breakfast’ bowls to the regular sachets and I have noticed the difference in getting hungry earlier… however I wanted to start healthy snacking a little more so this is the perfect way to incorporate some healthy snacks mid-morning. Plus I forgot how much I love clementines – they’re so delicious and honestly I think they’re better then sweets – call me crazy.


Lunch: 1:30pm


Mediterranean yellow pepper buck wheat salad with lemon baked cobbler: 250 calories

Diet coke: 1 calorie


I really loved the night before’s dinner of the buck wheat salad and cobbler – it was so fresh and flavorsome, it’s definitely going to be made again in the future! I was given an extra fillet of fish for free at Tescos so I gave myself a little bit extra for lunch today which brought the calories up slightly.


Munch Bunch x2: 88 calories


Snack: 2:45pm


Small chocolate chip cookie: 32 calories

I thought I’d treat myself to a little biscuit. Mostly because my manager brought a load of doughnuts and iced buns for us all at lunch and I wanted to stop myself from having a doughnut. Obviously the only way to do that was to surpress my need for something sweet with… well something sweet. Considering a doughnut was around 250 calories and this biscuit was only 32, I’m pretty pleased with myself.

I think another reason I can say no to shop brought sweet treats is because I love to bake so much, I really feel it’s a waste to have something that’s been super manufactured. If I’m going to consumer 250 calories in a few bites then I want it to be home made, fresh deliciousness.


Workout: 6pm – 7pm

Wednesdays circuits class again, my all time favorite. I’ve recently gone to another circuits class taught by another teacher and I wasn’t so much of a fan. Firstly the instructor didn’t push us that hard (I want to be dripping in sweat after a class – unless if it’s yoga) and secondly she stays at the front and does the exercises as you do them. Some people like this because they’re doing it with them, but I don’t think it’s actually that good… With Wednesday’s circuits, the instructor, James, will keep an eye on the stopwatch and also everyone in the class during the exercises. I personally think this is much better because he will make sure know one is slacking but also he will come correct you if you’re doing something wrong.

Even if you’re doing a small exercise, if you have the wrong technique, it will set you up for bad habits and could potentially cause injury. So when I’m doing intense workouts with weights I want to make sure I’m doing it right – which I get in Wednesday’s circuits class.

It was a going to be a little while until dinner was ready when I got home so I had a couple of my peanut butter protein balls to keep my enery up and stop myself from demolishing my dinner as soon as it was done: 200 calories


Dinner: 8:15pm


Oven roasted mushrooms, green beans, greek cheese with peppery salad and chicken: 270 cals (approx)


Oh my god this was super good! I give all the credit to the seasoning I use on the chicken (Dunns River Chicken Seasoning) which gave the chicken so much flavor. I coated each breast of chicken in the seasoning and cooked the them in little individual foil parcels in the oven for about 20 minutes. If you haven’t cooked chicken this way before… just do it, seriously. It keeps the breast so moist and you can then pour all the juices in the foil packet over your salad so there’s no need to any salad dressing. SO TASTY.


Sweet Treat: 9pm


These little bits of chocolate are so handy for when you need a little chocolate hit (which I did). I’m not 100% sure on how many calories are in each as I brought them ages ago and I chucked away the packet with all the nutrition information on. I’m guessing they were around 100 calories for all 3.


DAILY CALORIES TOTAL: 833 calories (approx)

The Food and Fitness Dairy’s: What I ate today #14

By the end of yesterday I was dreaming of the opportunity of having breakfast in the morning. I find fasting okay until I’ve had dinner and start to think about the next day where I can eat what I want. Hopefully that will ease off a little the more I do the diet (I really hope so…)


Lunch: 1:30pm


Baxters Chipotle Chicken,Beans And Quinoa meal pot: 195 Calories

Hartleys Sugar Free Jelly Pot, Srawberry: 5 Calores

Diet Coke: 1 Calorie

TOTAL: 201 Calories


If you read my post yesterday, you will know that I tried the Baxters meal pot in the flavor Chicken Laksa for lunch and wasn’t overly impressed with it considering the price point. However they were on offer in Tesco and within my calorie limits so I thought I’d give them a go. Today I had the smoked chipotle chicken pot and I was much happier with this one! It was actually really nice and all the beans and quinoa in it made it super filling. So thumbs up for this flavor. However I do think I’ll only be buying them if they’re on offer.


Dinner: 8pm


Mediterranean buck wheat salad with lemon baked cobbler: 187 Calories


I found this recipe for the Mediterranean buck wheat salad on the blog A Couple Cooks and when I worked out it was around 100 calories a portion, I just had to give it a go! We added in yellow pepper as we had that to use up and pretty much added a whole bunch of parsley, mint and coriander to give a deeper flavor. I was so surprised about how nice this was! It definitely did not feel like it was under 200 calories at all.

Cobbler is fast becoming my favorite fish to cook at home. It’s such a light fish that has no bones and is really cheap. I got 4 fillets from the Tesco fish counter and it cost £4.50 and the guy even chucked in a 5th one for free as there was one left and it was near the end of the day! We simply put each bit of fish in it’s own foil parcel with a few slices of lemon, some lemon juice and a sprinkle of salt and pepper – so simple and tastes AMAZING. It’s also really low in calories (around 87 calories for 100g).



x6 mini marshmallows: 36 Calories


Laurence and I have got into the dangerous habit of having marshmallows melted over a candle after dinner some nights for a sweet treat… Well I guess it isn’t so bad because marshmallows are low in fat and calories, but it is becoming a bit too regular.


Total daily Calories: 424 Calories

The Food and Fitness Diary’s: What I ate today #13

I’ve found that the best way for me to keep up with these posts is to post the previous day’s diary so I’m not rushing to get the post published straight after dinner. Plus this will help me from maybe having a cheeky snack after I’ve posted (not that I ever did that anyway, right 😉 ).

So here’s Monday’s for you. As you may know, Mondays and Tuesdays are the days I do my fast days for the 5:2 diet. I’ve had some mixed feedback about doing the fast days together, some people say you’re not supposed to do it, but others have said it’s okay. So I am a little confused – if you know the answer then definitely leave a comment and let me know!

I’ve worked out that I find it best to not have breakfast on my fast days as this is the meal I find easiest to skip. So we’re diving straight into lunch for yesterday…


Lunch: 1:45pm


Baxters Malaysian Inspired Chicken Laksa Meal Pot  – 178 calories

Hartleys Sugar free strawberry jelly pot – 5 calories

Diet coke – 1 calorie

TOTAL: 184 calories


I was planning on making myself a ‘super food’ style salad for lunch, however I realized I was meeting some friends at Pizza express for dinner and I was going to have their super food salad and I wasn’t feeling having the same meal twice. I found these new little meal pots by Baxters in Tesco and as they’re only around 200 calories each I thought why not?! It was pretty nice and filling, however each pot is about £2.45 each which I think is a little much considering they’re not huge. Tesco had them on offer for 2 for £3 which is why I gave them a go and if they were on offer again I think I would go for them but I wouldn’t pay full price.


Workout: 6pm – 7pm

Every Monday I go to to a circuits class at the gym which is taken by a different instructor to the one who takes the Wednesday class (which is hard core) and I have to say I leave the Monday class feeling like I wasn’t pushed that hard…

When I go to the gym I like to be dripping with sweat and in need of collapsing on the floor after, I want to be aching the next day. However this class is just too easy and I hate to say this but I can normally tell if a class is going to be easy if it’s full of only women. I know that sounds super sexist but it generally is true as a rule. I do enjoy the class though, so next week I decided to book into Spin class straight after which will hopefully give me that sweat on I love.


Dinner: 7:30pm


Leggera Superfood Salad – 297 calories

Diet coke x2 – 2 calories

TOTAL: 299 calories


I met my friends Vikki and Stef for dinner at Pizza Express after the gym, and I thought it was going to be a lot harder to resist a pizza… I guess once I’m in the mind set of ‘this is what I’m eating, I can’t have anything else’ I just stick to that. I’ve found out that I do have really strong will power and I think a reason why is because you know you won’t be restricting yourself every day of the week. I think that’s why some diets fail for people because it’s so unrealistic to give up everything you love 24hours a day, 7 days a week.


Total daily calories: 483