The Food and Fitness Diary’s: What I ate today #12

I’ve slacked on my posts since Friday, I’m not sure why because I had this whole post drafted up on Friday evening and all I needed to do was insert a picture of Friday nights dinner. It just completely slipped my mind – my bad. Anyway here’s Fridays food and fitness diary and I’ll be posting this weekends tomorrow :).

I feel today is the first day I’ve managed to sit down and have a proper breakfast which feels odd. However I’ve noticed when I don’t eat breakfast I tend to want to snack less throughout the day. I’m really looking forward to dinner tonight, we have a Chinese supermarket around the corner from my work so me and Laurence decided to get some dim sum from there for dinner – hopefully it’s going to be as good as I think it is in my head…


BREAKFAST – 9:30am


Oats So Simple Golden syrup sachet: 135 calories

90ml of Almond milk: 12 calories

TOTAL: 147 calories


I went and stocked up on my favorite breakfast, the oats so simple sachets, and realised for all this time I’ve been buying the ‘bigger bowl’ sachets. It’s not a massive deal but to be honest I don’t see much of a difference in the size of the bowl and yet its an extra 50 calories… I think I’ll be sticking to the original ones from now on.


LUNCH – 1:45pm


Left over chickpea and mushroom stew: 200 calories

Diet coke: 1 calorie

x2 Ryvita Thins: 64 calories

Chocolate covered mini bread sticks: 220 calories

TOTAL: 485 calories


Another left over champion meal, I really loved this vegan stew I made at the beginning of the week. Plus with the spices that’s in it, the flavor just keeps getting better! I didn’t have time last night to make any quinoa to go with it so I just had a couple of sweet chilli ryvita thins with it which were really nice surprisingly.

Whenever I go into the Chinese supermarket I get so side tracked by all the amazing snacks they have! I had to hold myself back from buying packets of odd crisps… although I did cave at getting some chocolate covered bread sticks. Which, I have to say, were a bit of a let down. I found myself munching on the whol pack when I actually didn’t like them that much at all! I think it’s because I didn’t want to 85p I spent on them to be a complete waste… good one Hope, that’s 220 pointless calories.


Dinner – 7:30pm

Screen Shot 2015-02-01 at 19.05.02

Chow main noodles: approx 300 calories

Dim sum: approx 500 calories

TOTAL: approx 800 calories (I have no clue)


Okay, there is no point even trying to fool you into thinking I know how healthy or unhealthy tonight’s dinner is… the downside of buying stuff from the Chinese supermarket is that the whole packet is in Chinese! I can’t even start to work out what the calorie intake will be with this meal. I know that chow main is pretty damn bad for you so that will be at least 300 calories and as for the dim sum, who knows.



Let’s be honest, it’s gunna be more then that… but as the daily calorie intake for women in 2000 calories, I think I’m okay here…


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