The Food and Fitness Diary’s: A weekend in food

As the weekend draws to a close I thought it was time I put up the food and fitness diary from the weekend. I should really just call it the food diary as fitness is pretty much non-existent on the weekends for me. This weekend was a pretty bad one for eating well but to be honest I’m okay with that because I normally eat so well during the week. Plus, what’s the point of doing the 5:2 diet if you’re not going to treat yourself every now and then?



Lunch 1pm



Some pretty exciting news for this week, Laurence and I have brought our first house! We’ve been saving for a deposit for just over a year and found a lovely Victorian terraced house where we currently live in Aylesbury which was perfect for us. We want to do a lot of work to it, from moving the bathroom upstairs to knocking down lots of walls and making it a more open plan place. We’re so excited about it and it’s going to be a great little project for us.

So Saturday morning consisted of me spending the morning clearing out my massive dressing table to get it ready to put on eBay and starting to pack my dressing room up. We’re not moving until 19th February and I have booked a few days off work to pack things up but it’s always good to get started when you can I think.

I’m the type of person that when I get into a job, I don’t like to stop until its done, so I ended up completely forgetting about breakfast. We were meeting my dad at our new house to show them it and also have some lunch while we were there, the pictures tell it all… champagne and sausage and chips. We don’t have takeaway that often, so when we do, it tastes seriously good. We also had a little curry sauce with our chips. I really hate to think how many calories we consumed… the 2 glasses of champagne alone were around 200 calories.

Cheat day indeed.


Dinner – 7pm


If you read my blog regularly, you may have seen me mention the fact Laurence and I are going to Copenhagen at the end of February, which I’m super excited for. I’ve been doing so much research on where we should go and what we should do, and something I think is a must when you go somewhere is to research into the national dish they have. Smorrebrods are a popular dish in Copenhagen and ever since I read up on them I have been trying to make every meal a Smorrebrod, they’re just right up my street.

So dinner Saturday night was prawns mixed in creme fresh, lemon juice and salt and pepper and cucumber on top of rye bread – so good. We also got some olives from our supermarket and grilled some halomi had that on the side, it was a really lovely light dinner after a big stogy lunch.



I am terrible for wanting something sweet after dinner, it’s going to be my downfall I can tell. I had some champagne truffles left over from a wedding I went too which had to be broken in to.



Breakfast – 10am


I’m pretty rubbish with making breakfasts when it doesn’t involve something like porridge… Laurence on the other hand can do a perfect poached egg and I will always rely on him to do me the perfect brunch. This morning however, I got up before Laurence so I could go over to my dads and get started on baking desert for lunch. Which means I had to fend for myself with breakfast – I have to admit I did feel a little lost – so breakfast consisted of a slice of toasted rye bread with one tablespoon of peanut butter on. It wasn’t my finest moment.


Snack – 1pm


I can always count on my dad to lay out some good snacks when I’m round their house and today was no different. We were round his house for a spot of Sunday lunch along with some family friends – which obviously means the drink was flowing too… I had around 3 glasses of champagne, 3 little pieces of brown bread with smoked salmon on and a handful of cool doritos before we had even sat at the table… opps.



Lunch – 2:30pm



My dad and his wife are big lovers of the Hairy Dieters books and were actually the ones to get me into it and who inspired me to try the 5:2 diet out. So naturally, dinner was a Hairy Dieters recipe, chicken and leek pie with cabbage mash, broccoli and Tom Kerrage’s star anise infused carrots. I think the pie per serving was around 425 calories, the potato was about 200 calories and I don’t want to think about the calories in the carrots… Dinner was of course accompanied with another glass of champagne. That’s what Sunday’s are for, right?



I’ve been on a mission to find some healthy yet tasty bakes after I worked out that one of my cupcakes had 400 calories in it! Not good. I came across this recipe on a food blog (which I’m kicking myself for not remembering the name of now!) and thought I had to give it a go because it looked so pretty. It’s not massively sweet, which is why I served it with whipped cream, but it wasn’t half bad! It had a great cake texture and the ingredients used were all on the healthy side. If you cut the cake into 12 slices, it works out at 130 calories a slice, if you cut into 8 then it’s around 200 calories. We cut it into 10… so I’m guessing each slice was around 170 calories (the whipped cream on the other hand was most likely 100 calories a tablespoon!).

I filmed the making of this cake, which I will be posting on my YouTube channel on Saturday along with a link to the recipe. So if you want to give this one a go then head over to my channel and subscribe 🙂 (


Dinner – 8:30pm


It was only when I looked up from watching YouTube videos that I noticed the time and realized I was pretty peckish… I think a good Sunday lunch should fill you up for most of the day and to be honest if I didn’t notice the time I would have probably gone to bed without having anymore to eat.

However there was one slice of rye bread left and the smoked ham in the fridge and homemade coleslaw was calling out to be made into yet another Smorrebrod. I also had a handful of some Tyrells sea salt and cider vinegar crisps on the side.



The sweet tooth strikes again and this time in the form of a Diam bar. I always underestimate how good these are and they’re actually pretty low in calories as far as chocolate bars are concerned. I think this bar was about 152 calories.


So there’s my weekend of food for any of you who are interested. I promise I will start posting more where I can share recipes with you as I’m really loving finding low calorie meals that have superfoods involved or are just full of good health benefits.

Stay tuned people.

H x







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