The Food and Fitness Dairy’s: What I ate today #14

By the end of yesterday I was dreaming of the opportunity of having breakfast in the morning. I find fasting okay until I’ve had dinner and start to think about the next day where I can eat what I want. Hopefully that will ease off a little the more I do the diet (I really hope so…)


Lunch: 1:30pm


Baxters Chipotle Chicken,Beans And Quinoa meal pot: 195 Calories

Hartleys Sugar Free Jelly Pot, Srawberry: 5 Calores

Diet Coke: 1 Calorie

TOTAL: 201 Calories


If you read my post yesterday, you will know that I tried the Baxters meal pot in the flavor Chicken Laksa for lunch and wasn’t overly impressed with it considering the price point. However they were on offer in Tesco and within my calorie limits so I thought I’d give them a go. Today I had the smoked chipotle chicken pot and I was much happier with this one! It was actually really nice and all the beans and quinoa in it made it super filling. So thumbs up for this flavor. However I do think I’ll only be buying them if they’re on offer.


Dinner: 8pm


Mediterranean buck wheat salad with lemon baked cobbler: 187 Calories


I found this recipe for the Mediterranean buck wheat salad on the blog A Couple Cooks and when I worked out it was around 100 calories a portion, I just had to give it a go! We added in yellow pepper as we had that to use up and pretty much added a whole bunch of parsley, mint and coriander to give a deeper flavor. I was so surprised about how nice this was! It definitely did not feel like it was under 200 calories at all.

Cobbler is fast becoming my favorite fish to cook at home. It’s such a light fish that has no bones and is really cheap. I got 4 fillets from the Tesco fish counter and it cost £4.50 and the guy even chucked in a 5th one for free as there was one left and it was near the end of the day! We simply put each bit of fish in it’s own foil parcel with a few slices of lemon, some lemon juice and a sprinkle of salt and pepper – so simple and tastes AMAZING. It’s also really low in calories (around 87 calories for 100g).



x6 mini marshmallows: 36 Calories


Laurence and I have got into the dangerous habit of having marshmallows melted over a candle after dinner some nights for a sweet treat… Well I guess it isn’t so bad because marshmallows are low in fat and calories, but it is becoming a bit too regular.


Total daily Calories: 424 Calories


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