The Food and Fitness Dairy’s: What I ate today #15

I’m really struggling with energy this week. I don’t know why but I’m so tired and finding it so hard to wake up in the morning. I think the rest of the week I will be tucked up in bed by 10pm and I’m also going to up my vitamin intake too. More fruit I’m thinking will give me some more energy and a good sugar hit.


Breakfast: 09:30am


Quaker Oats So Simple Golden Syrup flavor – 186 calories

90ml Almond Milk – 14 calories

Total: 200 calories


The usual breakfast… Sorry this must be getting dull!


Snack: 11:00am


1 Clementine: 35 calories


I’ve recently swapped over from having the Quaker Oats So Simple ‘bigger breakfast’ bowls to the regular sachets and I have noticed the difference in getting hungry earlier… however I wanted to start healthy snacking a little more so this is the perfect way to incorporate some healthy snacks mid-morning. Plus I forgot how much I love clementines – they’re so delicious and honestly I think they’re better then sweets – call me crazy.


Lunch: 1:30pm


Mediterranean yellow pepper buck wheat salad with lemon baked cobbler: 250 calories

Diet coke: 1 calorie


I really loved the night before’s dinner of the buck wheat salad and cobbler – it was so fresh and flavorsome, it’s definitely going to be made again in the future! I was given an extra fillet of fish for free at Tescos so I gave myself a little bit extra for lunch today which brought the calories up slightly.


Munch Bunch x2: 88 calories


Snack: 2:45pm


Small chocolate chip cookie: 32 calories

I thought I’d treat myself to a little biscuit. Mostly because my manager brought a load of doughnuts and iced buns for us all at lunch and I wanted to stop myself from having a doughnut. Obviously the only way to do that was to surpress my need for something sweet with… well something sweet. Considering a doughnut was around 250 calories and this biscuit was only 32, I’m pretty pleased with myself.

I think another reason I can say no to shop brought sweet treats is because I love to bake so much, I really feel it’s a waste to have something that’s been super manufactured. If I’m going to consumer 250 calories in a few bites then I want it to be home made, fresh deliciousness.


Workout: 6pm – 7pm

Wednesdays circuits class again, my all time favorite. I’ve recently gone to another circuits class taught by another teacher and I wasn’t so much of a fan. Firstly the instructor didn’t push us that hard (I want to be dripping in sweat after a class – unless if it’s yoga) and secondly she stays at the front and does the exercises as you do them. Some people like this because they’re doing it with them, but I don’t think it’s actually that good… With Wednesday’s circuits, the instructor, James, will keep an eye on the stopwatch and also everyone in the class during the exercises. I personally think this is much better because he will make sure know one is slacking but also he will come correct you if you’re doing something wrong.

Even if you’re doing a small exercise, if you have the wrong technique, it will set you up for bad habits and could potentially cause injury. So when I’m doing intense workouts with weights I want to make sure I’m doing it right – which I get in Wednesday’s circuits class.

It was a going to be a little while until dinner was ready when I got home so I had a couple of my peanut butter protein balls to keep my enery up and stop myself from demolishing my dinner as soon as it was done: 200 calories


Dinner: 8:15pm


Oven roasted mushrooms, green beans, greek cheese with peppery salad and chicken: 270 cals (approx)


Oh my god this was super good! I give all the credit to the seasoning I use on the chicken (Dunns River Chicken Seasoning) which gave the chicken so much flavor. I coated each breast of chicken in the seasoning and cooked the them in little individual foil parcels in the oven for about 20 minutes. If you haven’t cooked chicken this way before… just do it, seriously. It keeps the breast so moist and you can then pour all the juices in the foil packet over your salad so there’s no need to any salad dressing. SO TASTY.


Sweet Treat: 9pm


These little bits of chocolate are so handy for when you need a little chocolate hit (which I did). I’m not 100% sure on how many calories are in each as I brought them ages ago and I chucked away the packet with all the nutrition information on. I’m guessing they were around 100 calories for all 3.


DAILY CALORIES TOTAL: 833 calories (approx)


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