The Food and Fitness Dairy’s: What I ate today #16

Breakfast: 9:30am


Quaker Oats So Simple Golden Syrup flavor – 186 calories

90ml Almond Milk – 14 calories

Total: 200 calories


Snack: 11am


x1 Kiwi – 46 calories


Every couple of weeks we get a vegetable box delivered from a company called Able & Coal which I love so much! We sometimes get some really different things which makes us think of something slightly different to do with it. In our latest one we had some Kiwis amongst lots of other amazing fruit and veg. Kiwis are one of those fruits that I forget how much I love, I have serious amounts of time for this fruit – super yummy.


Lunch: 1:30pm


Oven roasted mushrooms, green beans, greek cheese with peppery salad and chicken: 270 calories (approx)

Diet Coke: 1 calorie

TOTAL: 271 calories (approx)


Oh my god it is so wrong that a salad tastes so good! Seriously, this is one of the best salads I’ve made to date and I think it’s all thanks to the seasoning on the chicken. I use a brand called Dunns River which I coat the chicken in and then place the chicken in little foil parcels and put in the oven for about 20 minutes. SO GOOD AND JUICY. I’m just imagining it again now…


Snack: 3:30pm


Slice of chocolate cake: 260 calories


Okay so before you judge me, there was a bake sale at work where we were raising money for ovarian cancer… so excuse me while I enjoy this piece of cake whilst knowing I have given to a good cause.


Workout: 6pm – 8pm

I did a core stability class today from 6pm-6:30pm which I really like because it’s less hard core then some of the other classes I go to in the week and is quite nice to wind down and do some exercises that don’t require jumping up and down with weights. Straight after I went to a Body Pump class which is now the second time I’ve gone and I’m still trying to make my mind up about this class with if I like it or not… it’s all done to tracks so it’s pretty fast paced and you kinda need to know what you’re doing in order for you to get an efficient work out. It’s definayely not the kind of class where you get support from the teacher with if you’re doing the work outs right or not – which I really don’t like. Also I think when you’re doing exercises too quick your technique can go off and it can cause ingury… But I’m going to go to a few more classes and see how it goes because there are no other Thursday’s classes and I love a good class rather then going to the gym alone and being bored.


Dinner: 9:45pm


Potato and Leek pasty with carrots and cabbage: 250 calories

Diam Bar: 150 calories (opps)


Laurence and I ended up both getting home pretty late so we didn’t get started on dinner till about half 8 and we totally didn’t realise how long this dinner took to make. It’s another Hairy Dieters recipe and it was pretty good, although I think a bit of bacon or chicken would make it even better – although that would bring up the calorie count quite a bit…

I was really bad and had a diam bar after dinner, I was weak, I know.




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