Current Cravings | The February ASOS lust list

Ever since I started my new job, not every single penny I earnt went on bills and food and I actually have some disposable income each month. It’s an amazing feeling.

I know I should be putting the money aside into my savings and not spending every last pound, but I kinda feel I need to get it a little out of my system and have some fun (and by fun I mean shopping…). I’ve also got the excuse of buying my first house, so naturally I want to re-design it all – much to my boyfriends dismay.

So I wanted to do a post on my current cravings i.e. things I’ve had sat in my online baskets for a month and things I’ve convinced myself I need in my life. Let’s start of with my favorite things to spend my money on… clothes. I’m always a big lover of ASOS and my wish list is never short of products, here’s what’s currently sitting at the top of the list:


ASOS lust-01


Noisy May Plaid Checked Mini Skirt


I need to get a move on with actually ordering this one… I always panic whenever things are reduced on ASOS because I know they could sell out in a matter of hours. I’m starting to sweat a little…


ASOS 90’s Dungaree Playsuit


Okay this one I am really struggling with… to by or not to buy?! OPINIONS NEEDED HERE.

I’ve seen a couple of people on my instagram rock this look and fell in love. I especially like the grey high neck top, tights and thigh high boots look with this (I’m moving onto thoughts on thigh high boots a little later…). I’m not sure if I like them enough to spend £38 on them. These will most likely have to be a buy and try and maybe fall in love purchase…

#3 ASOS Kitten Sunglasses With Metal Top


I am just in love with these – definitely going into my basket.

I have too much love for Tortoiseshell glasses.

#4 Minkpink Breakfast Club Track Lounge Shorts


As I’m writing this I’m starting to realize how ridiculous it is to spend £55 on some PJs… Especially as I actually just want some comfy lounging about clothes and have no real care for the print. I think I’ve just talked myself out of these.

Just get yourself some comfys from H&M Hope…

#5 Esprit Gill Loungewear Long Trouser


This is what I’m talking about – comfys. YES.

I think these could either look AMAZING and be the answer to all my lounge wear problems… or they could look hideous. Either way I think they should make their way into the basket, let’s see if they make the cupboard draw or if they are sent back to the wonderful world of the ASOS warehouse…

I was originally going to put all of my current cravings in this post, but I then realised how big my current cravings list actually is! I may have to rethink some things, otherwise my bank will take a serious hit. Let’s split up the posts and give me some time to decide if I do actually need some other things in my life (the answer will probably be yes…).

H x


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