Are you beach body ready? My thoughts on Protein Worlds latest ad

The big question that’s taken the London underground and subway by storm…

43,000 people have complained about Protein Worlds new advertising campaign with many signing a petition to get the adverts removed which was actually announced it will be removed ahead of a planned protest this weekend. I get it, people are pissed that a company is saying we should look a certain way in order to be deemed as ‘expectable’ on the beach.

It’s a big taboo subject, a woman’s weight , and as much as I think Protein World may not have gone about this campaign in the best way…I also think people need to chill out a little.

Let’s firstly talk about the woman in the advert, seemingly suggesting that she is ‘Beach Body Ready’. Does she have bones sticking out? No, Does she have a six pack? No (although her abs are pretty toned), Does she look unhealthily thin? No.

I’m a big believer of everyone should be healthy and actively work towards a healthy lifestyle. After all, you only get one body right? You should look after it.

Now I may get a lot of stick for what I’m about to say, but screw it, I’m going to say it. I think it’s pretty shocking how we make excuses for being overweight. Women preaching that they “Love their curves”, when in my eyes, being an unhealthy weight with an unhealthy BMI isn’t curvy – it’s being overweight and we shouldn’t be glamorizing it.

Let’s lay it all out here, if McDonald’s were to put an advert with an overweight person saying “Are you hungry?” (or something along those lines) there would be an outcry about being unhealthy shouldn’t be marketed, no wonder we’re an overweight nation! Now because a company is encouraging people to get INTO GOOD SHAPE, why is that so bad?!

Really, how different is it to women posting images of super fit yoga lovers on their Instagram as ‘motivation’? I think women get too defensive over the image we’re ‘supposed’ to be, probably because they’re actually unhappy with their weight and in fact aren’t ‘Beach Body Ready’.

Everyone should feel comfortable on the beach without feeling like they need to look a certain way, but equally, if you’re putting the effort in to be HEALTHY with eating well and exercising and the byproduct of that is to have an amazing body then brilliant, good on you. I’ve struggled A LOT with my weight and confidence with my body. So I don’t agree with the image thing, but I honestly do agree with the actual message they’re trying to portray. That you should be a healthy weight and this is a product that will help you get there.

Maybe next time Protein World you should promote the healthy lifestyle, not the look so much. However I’m sure there will still be some sad person out there who will complain that promoting a healthy lifestyle is discriminating to unhealthy people.

Whatever your view point is on this, I think this whole backlash has gone way too far and people need to relax a little.

What do you think? Have they stepped out of line or are we being too sensitive?


H x


4 thoughts on “Are you beach body ready? My thoughts on Protein Worlds latest ad

  1. I totally agree with you! Been seeing people going mad about this ad and I do genuinely think that these people are just uncomfortable with their own body, unwilling to change their bodies and are acting out because they don’t want the reminder of their unhealthy overweight state in their faces everywhere they go. So that’s my thoughts on this 🙂


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