Wings From Hell Challenge

Last night Laurence and I went to Joe Perks in Oxford to witness their first ‘Wings From Hell’ challenge. If you’re like me and obsessed with programs like Man Vs Food then this is something you need to get involved with…

The challenge consists of consuming 10 chicken wings of different hotness (including scothc bonnet, ghost and capsaicin) and in order to win the challenge, need to consumed by one person in 10 minutes.*reaches for glass of milk at the thought of it*.

I love things like this, I’m not sure if I would actually do them myself but watching them and the atmosphere is always super fun. So let me know if you know any other places that do these ridiculous challenges in London or Oxford – it definitely beats sitting in a dull bar! Word of warning, this is a SERIOUSLY tough challenge… two people finished it but I seriously think one had to go to the emergency room after, he even had blisters on his fingers from the heat of the sauce (and no it wasn’t the temperature of them) – they make you sign a disclaimer it’s that hard core. So enter in at your own risk…

Besides the contest, we had an amazing meal, Laurence went for the pulled pork and chorizo burger with fries and I went for the Falafel wrap with sweet potato fries and a side of burnt end beans. Pretty delicious for the price point and the fact that they only have one chef.







H x


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