Things to do this week #1

A relitivly new blog entry for me. I’ve seen other bloggers do these posts and I think it’s a brilliant way to set yourself some weekly goals and push yourself that little bit harder. As we’re on a 4 day week *throws hands up in the air* due to the bank holiday weekend, I’m treating today as my Monday (my excuse for slacking on posting yesterday). So here are my must dos this week:

STOP SKIPPING: Stop skipping my Results With Lucy work outs that is. Granted I’ve only skipped two over the past two weeks, but I feel SO guilty when I do so I need to get my ass back into gear. I think it’s pretty easy to slack on your workout routines once you’ve got to your goal weight and I guess this is the reason you can put the weight back on… which we don’t want to happen. This week is going to be full of healthy eating and exercising.

100% HEALTHY EATING: I’m only 8 weeks away from my summer holiday so it’s time to take the healthy eating to the next level. It’s going to be super tough but that means NOTHING BAD – Ekk. I’m all for treating yourself, but when you have a goal you want to hit, you need to be disciplined. So here goes, starting this week I won’t be treating myself to any naughty things. This is am pretty nervous for.

GET DESIGNING: While on our summer holiday, Laurence and I have booked into a tattoo parlor in Sweden to get new tattoos. I’ve currently got quite a few tattoos on my right arm which are all based around trips Laurence and I have gone on together, it’s actually a really lovely thing to do because when people ask me about them I can tell them ‘this one was done in Seattle and this one in Nepal’. So I will be adding to that arm, which I’m a little scared about as it’s getting onto being a sleeve soon which I didn’t think would happen. I’ve already got my tattooest and date booked in so I now just need to get going with the designing! I’ve got a load of images on my Pinterest board to send to him so fingers crossed we can come up with something beautiful.

GET VOTING: Thursday is the general election in the UK which is a big deal. I recently brought the book ‘None of the above’ by Rick Edwards, as I had no clue about politics and wanted to educate myself and have an opinion. Women died in order for us to vote, so I think it’s only fair that people take the short time to understand what it’s about and vote. I’ve still got quite a bit of the book to read, and I doubt I’ll get through all of it, but I’m going to try my hardest and get down to the polling station on Thursday.

SUMMER CLOTHES SEARCH: Another thing to do with my summer holiday! I’m desperately after some new shorts and coverups as this is going to be a big lounging by the pool holiday. I find it weird when people go for lunch from the pool in just their bikinis, I think a coverup is a must, so let the search commence for a comfortable, quick drying and stylish coverup (please let me know if you have any recommendations). I’ve also been lusting after a Victoria Secret bikini, however if I was to order online the delivery is £30! I just can’t justify that. So my plan is to call the Bond Street store to see if they have it and if they do (fingers crossed) I will get Laurence to pick it up for me next week as he’s in the area for some meetings. I’m sure he won’t mind…

H x


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