24 Hours in Sarajevo

Where we ate




Buregdzinica Sac

Mali Bravadziluk 2,

Sarajevo 71000,

Bosnia and Herzegovina

We were recommended to come to Sac by our hotel – I’m not sure how ‘Touristy’ this place is because our hotel said this is the place locals like to go to (although I’m never sure If I believe hotels when they say that… are they actually just getting people to go to their friends restaurant?). But this place did seem to be full of locals which is a very promising sign. We had the local dish Börek which is thin flaky dough known as phyllo wrapped around various different fillings – we had spinach and feta and a herbed pork filling. Both of which were very tasty! If you’re after a quick meal to keep your energy up then this is the thing for you. Be warned it is a little greasy so if you’re one for light fresh dishes, this may not be your thing.







Nanina Kuhinja

Kundurdžiluk 35,

Sarajevo 71000,

Bosnia & Herzegovina

As I mentioned before, I’m not too sure how authentic and ‘non-touristy’ places are when suggested by your hotel, however after hours of searching for blog posts on where to eat in Sarajevo and failing terribly, we thought we should give this place a go. Nanina Kuhinja (which translates to Nana’s Kitchen) is just off of Pigeon Square on one of the shopping streets. The seating is very Moroccan influenced and the location of being right off the square and on the side street is great if you like people watching (which Laurence and I definitely do!). We were recommended to try the traditional breakfast dish of Bosnian Fritters – these are pretty much savory doughnuts with soft cheese. If you come here, be sure to try the elderflower drink – very refreshing on a hot day.


Where we drank


IMG_1083  IMG_1084


Zlatna ribica

Kaptol 5,

Sarajevo 71000,

Bosnia & Herzegovina

If you’re someone who loves a good bar design that has a love for old music then this is the place for you. We fell in love with this bar, the interior is like a wonderland from 1900, full of little trinkets around the place which have obviously built up over time from vintage necklaces to cute china bowls – they could make a small fortune selling things! Laurence is a bar designer so this was his dream in terms of laid back atomistphre and crazy junk shop interior. Menus are written over the pages of old books and the seating is so mixed and relaxed you could feel like you’re sat in your grandmas living room. The only thing that would improve this place is a cocktail menu – this is the kind of place I expect to find a weird smoked bacon cocktail. Unfortunately the closest thing to a cocktail is a gin and tonic on this menu. Well worth a visit!


What we did – Culture and Shopping






Brick a Brack Store (name unknown)


Bosnia and Herzegovina

I’m not too sure on the name of this place, it doesn’t seem to have much of a presence on the internet! But it’s located about 2 minutes walk from Pigeon Square on the road “Kraćule”. It’s a brilliant little store full of amazing treasures, Laurence and I could have brought the whole shop – especially the super cool old Disney ornaments.






Sacred Heart Cathedral

Trg Fra Grge Martića 2,

Sarajevo 71000,

Bosnia & Herzegovina

Located right in the middle of one of the main shopping streets this church is perfect to take shelter from the busy streets. I’m not religious but I love admiring a good church, they have so much history and I love the fact that there was so much passion in believing something and they were built to celebrate this. Well worth a little peek when you’re in the area.




The Eternal flame

The Eternal Flame a memorial to the military and civilian victims of the Second World War in Sarajevo. The memorial was dedicated on 6 April 1946, the first anniversary of the liberation of Sarajevo from the four-year-long occupation by Nazi Germany and the State of Croatia. I wouldn’t exactly go out of my way to see this, however it was close to the main shopping street and interesting to go see.

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