About BLW




Big Little World was created with the intention of documenting mine and my boyfriends trips around the world. We love to travel and in late 2013 I decided to begin creating videos of our trips. Wanting to have my films shared with friends and family through a blog and not just my social media, Big Little World the blog was created!


Big Little World features lifestyle, food, drink and travel tips, advice and ideas for not just the counties I visit across the border but also in around the UK. I am a big baker so expect to also see some posts on delicious recipes.


I hope you’ll stay and look around—and join the conversation!



I would love to say I was born and bred in Oxford, however I actually live in a small town not too far from there called Aylesbury in Buckinghamshire, England.
Me and my boyfriend lived in Oxford for a while so you will come across a few posts about the beautiful city every now and then.Alongside running Big Little World, I work as an Account Executive at Home Retail Group. I love my job, however I would love the opportunity to work with brands and companies with my blog and YouTube channel.
I hope you like my blog and follow me for the journey!
H x
Please join me on any of my social networking sits and YouTube channel:
YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCvlPWliHbAPurj9iYiYH8MQ
Twitter: @hopebatchelor
Instagram: @Hopebatchelor1

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