My Top 5 Healthy Breakfasts

People are always commenting on the food I post on my Instagram page saying how great my food looks and asking for recipes. Which inspired me to do a series of videos to show my top 5 healthy recipes for the 3 meals of the day.

Here’s video number one – my top 5 healthy breakfasts. Let me know your thoughts and also if you have any favorite healthy breakfast’s yourself – I’m always looking for new recipes to try out.

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Disappointing ASOS Haul | The Sunday Video


On the odd occasion, I buy a bunch of things that are completely out of my comfort zone and this was defiantly one of those times. I thought it would be interesting to show you guys what I brought any why I wasn’t happy with the things I was returning.

It seems to be a weekly occurrence that the ASOS delivery man visits my office with a pretty large box. I need to calm down with the shopping – as soon as I have my summer staples out of the way I’m sure things will stop arriving (or at least I hope so for the sake of my bank account).

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Health Food Obsessed

I guess there could be much worse things to be obsessed with, right? I’m really enjoying my health kick, even more so the weather is beautiful right now – seriously, who’s favorite season isn’t Spring?!

I started my healthy eating and exercise regime back in January as a New Years Resolution, so I’m pretty cuffed that 5 months down the line I’m still going strong and actually getting even more into it. Here are a few things I’ve recently been obsessed with in the health foods and supliments area:


  1. Meridian Peanut Butter

Okay, so this isn’t exactly as good as Skippy… but it definitely gives you your peanut butter hit. I brought this massive 1000g tub from Holland and Barratt for £5.99 and I really like the taste of this now I’ve forgotten what the bad peanut butter tastes like!

I love to spread this on de-cored slices of apple and sprinkle granola on top for a light post work out breakfast.


  1. Flaxseed

This isn’t exactly on the list due to its taste… it doesn’t taste of much but this stuff is amazing for you! Full of great fiber which will get your insides cleansed and thanking you for it!

I love to add flaxseed into green superfood smoothies or my protein shake.


  1. Chai Seeds

Again, another one that isn’t exactly a massive taste enhancer but it’s a great source of fiber, protein and omega 3.

I like to sprinkle mine over fruit and fiber cereal or even soak 2 tablespoons in 200ml of almond milk over night with a teaspoon of vanilla and tablespoon of yoghurt for a breakfast that tastes like rice pudding.


  1. Cod Liver Oil

High in Vitamin D and Omega 3, I like to take one tablet a day in the morning to help keep my brain on top form throughout the day.


  1. Protein Fat Loss Shakes

I’ve held off buying protein shakes for a while as I heard that some can actually be pretty bad for you (in terms of what they can do to your insides). But I came across The Bikini Blend on Instagram which is an all natural protein shake filled with power foods. As soon as I mixed my first scoop with almond milk I knew I would be hooked.


Since purchasing The Bikini Blend, I’ve decided to give Protein World’s ‘The Slender Blend’ a go. Admittedly, the controversy over their latest advertising campaign actually made me want to try it… I’m yet to start it and I’m planning on doing a full review once I’ve been on it for a month – so watch this space!



Let me know of any health foods or supplements you’re loving, I’d love to give some more great things ago.


H x

My top high end and high street beachwear picks

Screen Shot 2015-05-28 at 1.58.01 PM


1. The Grace cover-up by Moeva £227    |    2. Very Resort High neck bikini £18 top £12 bottoms    |    3. Lisa Maree Elevated Landing Bikini £98    |    4. ASOS Ombre Fringed Triangle Bikini Top   |    5. Beach Cafe African Odyssey Bikini £163   |    6. Love Naja Faye Racerback One-Piece $95

I’m always torn with swimwear each summer, do I invest in an expensive piece – hoping it will stay in fashion? or do I go for the cheap and chearfull high street and keep up with the new trends? I’ve never been confident in a bikini, so I always lean towards the expensive option, in hope that paying more, I will instantly become that super toned skinny model in the pictures. Sadly it never comes true.

Dispite this, I still have a few pieces from both ends of the spectrum I’ve had my eye on this spring in anticipation of my summer holiday. Hopefully putting this post out there and having a few opinions from you guys will help me decide on what to add into my online basket.

Unknown-2The Moeva cover-up being rocked by Lucy Meck – someone on the top of my bikini bod lust list.



Rosie Fortescue (Made in Chelsea star) rocking the Elevated Landing bikini (top) and the African Odyssey Bikini.

H x

I was inspired to put together this post by Naja, a luxury lingerie brand that is changing the lives of women through their Underwear for Hope program. Check out their full collection of bras, panties and eco-friendly bikinis if you like the Faye Racerback shown above! 

Dinner at Number 1 Leicester Street

IMG_0637 IMG_0638 IMG_0639 IMG_0640 IMG_0641 IMG_0642 IMG_0645


I had some mixed feelings on Number 1 Leicester Street and my visit there. The food is a fusion of french and Vietnamese and the idea of the dishes is you order in a tapas style. I’m all over spanish tapas, I think it’s a great way to order especially in a party. However I just don’t think No 1 did it right, the dishes were way too small – even for tapas – and it was pretty pricey.

Over-all it was a lovely evening with great company, however I don’t think I’ll be re-visiting any time soon.

H x



Fashion: Styling Dungerees


Dungerees are a trend I am SO glad are back, they’re the perfect Sunday uniform and look great with a vintage tee or slouchy jumper. Although the trend could have you looking like a bad 90’s throw back, it’s important to style them right. So here’s my lookbook on my YouTube channel with 4 ways to style dungerees.


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