Marakesh – Morocco


One of the many things my boyfriend is extremely good at, is surprising me with amazing weekend getaways, and this trip was no different. As a birthday surprise, Laurence whisked me away to Marrakech and true to form he had planned everything down to the very last detail. 
We stayed in the Riad Dar Zahir, which was recommended to Laurence by a friend who had stayed there not long before us and I have to say, the Riad was a real oasis of calm from the busy streets of Marrakech. 
There are too many superlatives for the Riad Dar Zahia and her owners Paolo & Emanuela it’s hard to know where to start…
Being picked up from the airport by Paolo and Maria-Ciara was great as the last thing you want to do is try and find your own way through the labyrinth of endless tunnels and passageways, it’s scary! The light at the end of these seemingly incomprehensible snaking passages is the Riad Dar Zahia. From the understated doorway you just wouldn’t know what gem lies beyond – it’s an oasis of calm, packed with history, beautiful artefacts and bits and bobs and most importantly Paolo & Emanuela.
Having someone to answers our questions and show us where to go was invaluable – it really felt like coming home when we entered the doorway to the Riad from the crazy Souks and Jemaa (which are right on the doorstep)
Fantastic location, fantastic people and fantastic place, as I said earlier there are just too many superlatives for this place… go and try it for yourself to see!!
H x

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