Thai Land

Thai Land



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Thai Land was our first stop on a 10 day trip where we also visited Singapore, Nepal and India and we wouldn’t have actually had the chance to come here if it was up to Laurence! Don’t get me wrong, Laurence loves Thai Land, however… he has an obsession with building up the numbers on his visited countries list – he even has an excel sheet with formulas that he fills in when we go to new places! So as he has already been to Thai Land, it was a bit of a challenge to get him to agree to go again as I had never been. Luckily some of our really good family friends were planning on going the same time so that was my in – and what managed to convince Laurence we should go.

We stayed in Ao Nang which was a beautiful area of Thai Land that is filled with white sand beaches and plenty of amazing Thai restaurants. We stayed in the La Playa resort, now normally Laurence plans and books all the hotels, however as my heart was set in staying in a lovely beach hut, he let me take the lead with this one. I found the perfect hotel, Krabi La Playa Resort, complete with a beautiful pool, huts on the beach and plenty of private beach areas. Unfortunately when we got there, we found out that the hut we had booked was under construction and we were put in one of overflow hotel rooms, not an amazing start to the holiday and I was very frustrated that this happened on the hotel I had picked!

However after a chat with the manager the next day, they took us out of the standard hotel room and put us into one of their amazing suits which was a stand alone building in a lovely round shape that overlooked the whole resort – it definitely made up for the confusion! Our friends were staying the the Krabi Thai Village which was around a 5 minute walk from our hotel, it was beautiful and I have to say their pool area was a lot better then the one at our hotel.

The restaurants and food were insane! Right outside our hotels were countless street food carts with some of the best food you will ever eat – perfect for a light snack.


We went to a lovely restaurant near to the beach front on our first night (I can’t remember its name – but you would have to try really hard to find one thats bad in this place!) where they served their cocktails out of the most amusing glasses… I don’t think our friend Sue was overly impressed, however Laurence obviously was…



It’s sad to say that one of the highlights for us in Krabi was finding some adorable kittens down the road from our hotel! In an amazing place we should be stood on the beach gwaping at the amazing views (which of course we were also), however give us some kittens and that will take priority – which is what happened…


Putting the kittens down and walking away, we wandered down the main strip to come across a lovely little Thai lady who was selling tickets for island visits.


Naturally we wanted to visit some of the amazing islands, however me and L didn’t like the sound of visiting islands that were over crowded with lots of tourists – like the James Bond Island… So we decided to go on a kayaking trip around one of the more low key islands.




This was by far the best moment of this trip, going through the mangroves, around a small island and being able to swim in an inclosed cave area. If you ever get the chance to do something like this on your Thai Land trip then do! So much better then going to another island cramped full with hundreds of tourists. Be warned  however, it is extremely hard work! When out leader asked if we wanted to go the long way around at the begining of the trip, our eagerness lead us all to shout “‘Definitely!”… I must have burnt off A LOT of pad thai on that trip.



The amazing kayaking trip didn’t stop there! We were taken to a lovely restaurant for a spot of lunch with beautiful views of the sea and other islands and we had the best massaman curry I have ever tasted!

No Thai Land trip would be complete without an elephant ride and that was the next stop on our so far fantastic day trip!




So after 3 days in Krabi, relaxing by the pool, eating lots of great food and a brilliant day trip kayaking and riding the elephants it was time to move onto our next location – Bangkok!


What an amazing city! Mental… but amazing.

We were only in Bangkok for 2 days as a quick stop off before our next destination, and two days definitely was not long enough. This city has so much culture you really need a good week to be able to see most of it. One thing I love about this city – is the transport… tuk tuks are brilliant and so handy to get around. Once in a tuk tuk, you definitely get that Thai Land holiday feel.

Although we were only here for 2 days, I wanted to make sure we went to see the reclining buddha – if you haven’t seen it before and you’re planning on going to Thai Land – make it a priority, it’s truly amazing.


Another place we really wanted to make sure we went to was a restaurant called “Cabbages and Condoms”, a restaurant that aims to promote sexual health alongside it’s food.The name of the eatery refers to the idea that people should buy condoms alongside everyday mundane items such as cabbages. The idea came together as a result of the desperate need in the country to promote better understanding and acceptance of family planning.

We came across this restaurant through Ls parents, they took us to a Cabbages and Condoms restaurant in Bicester, Oxfordshire back in England and we loved the concept so much we decided to go to the one in Thai Land. It was slightly out if the way from our hotel, we had to take a train and a short walk to get there, however it as totally worth it! The whole place looks amazing, fairy lights all around the garden area, lights made out of condoms, it was really lovely. Slightly westernised compared to some of the other places we had been eating meaning the prices were slightly higher but the food was brilliant.

So that’s it for Thai Land right now – although I’ve missed out a few things we got up to, I’m sure this is enough to give you a little idea 🙂

H x


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