Dubai – UAE

I’ve been pretty shocking with keeping my travel page updated… I’ve got so many drafts from this year I keep meaning to finish, but I am slowly making my way through them! So here’s the first trip of 2014 – DUBAI!


Last year was pretty crazy with all the places we went to see. Don’t get me wrong I loved every minute of it, however we didn’t really get a chance to have a beach holiday… we had a few days by the pool in Marrakech and Krabi in Thailand was a few days of relaxation, but that was about it. So I put my foot down with this holiday and said it would be purely relaxation (a word that is not in Laurence’s vocabulary!)

The idea for visiting Dubai came about because L’s sister, Sammy, (at the time of the booking of flights…) lived in Dubai and had done for 4 years. I get on so well with her and so does my best friend Ellie, so when I found some great priced flights for April 2014 we all thought what a great idea. However a while after we booked them, Sammy decided to move back to the UK, which wasn’t an issue but it would have been good for her to be apart of the trip too.

We stayed in an apartment building, which works out WAY cheaper then staying in a hotel – always a bonus. Our building was a few minutes walk from the beach which was pure bliss – white sand, blue sea – all that.





On our first night we went to this lovely bar that was around a 20 minute taxi from our apartment, I’m going to be really useless as I can’t remember the name of it! But it as pretty cool, cool vibe and lovely cocktails. It helped that Sammy knew the manager and despiteher being all the way in the UK, her connections got us free drinks and food all night.


So like I said, most of the trip was spent on the beach, by the pool, in the bars not really doing much besides relaxing. One night we even took to getting sushi delivered to our apartment and having drinks we brought with us whilst playing cards and watching films – simply because lying around on the sand all day had tired us out too much to leave the place. It’s a hard life.  It’s always so depressing going to different countries and having amazing sushi that costs a fraction of the price that it does in the UK – it’s my favourite food so it cuts me deep…


When in dubai you NEED to go to Wild Wadi water park, it’s so much fun and in the heat of dubai it’s so refreshing. Ellie had brought an underwater phone case with her which was amazing – slightly concerning to use at first, obviously it feels unnatural to put you iPhone underwater, but it worked perfectly, the phone was bone dry when taking it out the case. You manage to get some pretty cool photos and videos using it.





We didn’t want to leave Dubai without doing some touristy events, so we visited the Dubai mall. The fish tank (or I think it’s even the worlds largest fish tank/aquarium) was mind blowing. They really don’t do things by halves in this place…





We also spent one evening on a quad bike desert safari with dinner and ‘entertainment’ and the chance to ride camels and sand-board, SOOOOO touristy I cringed but was a kinda cool experience too. Although I hated the quad bikes, I did not feel safe and after I was through over the handle bars when I crashed… I wasn’t a happy bunny. L and Ellie loved it though, so silver linings!








We were lucky that while we were in Dubai, L’s other sister, Imogen and her husband and toddler were also there, so a few of the days we took advantage of their impressive pool at the Ritz and they also came to us on the beach.

One of the highlights of our beach… this AMAZING blow up obstaclecourse that was in the middle of the sea – it was seriously cool.



After a hard week of chilling with good company it was pretty tough to go back home. However the night we were flying out was a Tuesday night (and quite late may I add), anyone that has been to Dubai will know that Tuesday nights are very special as they are Ladies nights! Meaning us ladies get to drink FOR FREE! WIN.

You normally get a limit to how many drinks you can have for free, but over all you can drink free prosecco to your hearts content. In a muslim country where drinking is normally very expensive, we were very happy with this… and boarded our plane pretty tipsy!


x H




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