24 Hours in Mostar

Where We Stayed



Motel Emen

Onešćukova 32,

Mostar 88000,

Bosnia & Herzegovina


I thought motels meant you could drive up to them? Nothing too major as the ‘Motel’ was a 2 minute walk down a cobbled road but still slightly odd. There wasn’t anything too special about this place, it did the job for the one night we stayed but there were a few things not so great with it. The bed sheets were a rough towl-like thin blanket, the aircon was pretty shocking (I didn’t even use my rough towl blanket I was so hot) and the owner failed to tell us that you need to have a certain switch kept on in order for the boiler in the bathroom to work (I had a very interesting cold shower before dinner).

I wouldn’t really recommend this place – sorry Motel Emen!



Where We Ate








Jusovina 11,


Mostar 88000 ,

Bosnia and Herzegovina


It’s pretty tough to find a place that’s not a tourist place here, pretty much every place is targeted at tourists but despite this, the cost of things is pretty cheap in Mostar so it’s not really a big deal. The hostess here wasn’t brilliant, Laurence had booked a table and spoken to people VIA email and the hostess was convinced that they didn’t take bookings and no table was reserved for us. In the end we asked for the manager who instantly knew who Laurence was and showed us to our table (I have to admit it annoyed me quite a bit but at least we got our table in the end). They had set out a lovely table for us with little turkish delights under our glasses for us, a bottle of red wine (which wasn’t free – don’t be fooled, however we thought what the heck and had it anyway), they had also opened our menus out at the sharing plate dishes for us. Like I said this was totally a tourest trap but I like the effort they put in.

The food was lovely, well cooked, traditional and great amount for what you pay. The setting here is also lovely, although when booking we were told there was a view of the bridge when there isnt… Still it was a lovely meal with brilliant service.

Word of warning, if you’re not a cat lover then watch out, Mostar has a lot of strays (which doesn’t bother me – I LOVE cats) and we did have a lot of them running about during dinner. I think this is something you need to just put up with in Mostar.





Hindin Han,

Jusovina bb,

Mostar 88000,

Bosnia and Herzegovina


We stopped for some brunch at Hindin Han the following morning and even though we try not to eat at the top places on Trip Advisor (I prefer more local places not touristy places), we didn’t have enough time to find somewhere more local so we decided to just give this place a go.

The food was okay, nothing special but also not terrible. The waiter was also very lovely but again not amazing service. Going to places like this I do really struggle to understand how they have got so high on Trip Advisor as it’s not blow-my-socks-off amazing.

Like I said, everything was okay, but that’s just it – okay.




What We Did






Old Bridge (Stari Most)

Mostar 88000,

Bosnia & Herzegovina


Little did I know this was the whole reason for us visiting Mostar as at the top of this bridge Laurence proposed to me! So I’m probably pretty biased as to how good this landmark is… Despite that this landmark is beautiful. Locals go around collecting money to jump off the bridge (which is pretty impressive to see – it’s a huge drop!). My advice is to go down to the edge of the river or one of the bars that has a view of the bridge and relax and wait for someone to take the plunge. Unless if you’re in a big rush and want to see the jump as soon as possible, I would wait – in the space of 2 hours we saw 3 people jump off. So don’t waste your money.

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