Copenhagen – Denmark Day 1


Copenhagen Day 1

Laurence and I went to Copenhagen in late February for a belated anniversary celebration which we have both been looking forward to for SO long. Also apologies on how long it’s taken me to get this post up – I’m not even sure why it’s taken me this long! Scandinavian counties are by far my favorite to visit, I just love the style, interior designs, architecture, atmosphere, food and drink. They’re always right up my street and If I had to live in another country it would definitely be a Scandinavian country.

We arrived in Copenhagen at 7pm on Friday and as usual, thanks to taking carry on luggage, the transition from plane to transport to accommodation was super quick and easy. If you’re ever planning a weekend trip, it would be my top tip for you to save time. Normally we would use public transport to get from the airport to where we’re staying as it’s normally a fraction of the price and you get to experience more of the country doing that. However we were really pushed for time as I made dinner reservations for 9pm, so we decided to just jump in a taxi.

We were staying in the Osterbro area which was about a 20 minute walk from the main center, not the most busiest of areas, however still nice. I’ve always been so intruded by AirBnB, but never really had the chance to use it, but after looking at the apartments available in Copenhagen, I knew I had to give it a go. All the apartments are so trendy and beautiful in Copenhagen – you would struggle to find somewhere that wasn’t stunning.

A quick taxi journey, which took about 20 minutes and cost around 300DK (I had checked online on tacifarefinder and already knew that was a good price for the journey) we met with our AirBnB host – kind of. Jakob, who we were renting the apartment off of, was already away so was unable to meet us, instead his friend let us in.

The whole exchange was super easy and straight forward – I was really surprised at how easily it all worked.


9pm – dinner


I was pretty stumped on where we should go for dinner as there’s SO many amazing places to eat in Copenhagen. Luckily, our friends Olly and Melisa live in Stockholm and visit Copenhagen regularly so I took to them for advice on where to book. They recommended the restaurant Host, which is in the Norreport area (more central). OH MY GOD THIS PLACE IS AMAZING! Not only is the interior amazing, with real trees inside, a great cosy and buzzing atmosphere and really warm (which in the winter is a big thing on my list) but the food, drink and service was also the best I think I’ve ever had!

The manager who showed us to our seats was so friendly and charming, as I had booked months in advance they seated us at one of the best tables in the orchard section by a huge window. Once at our our table, our server Ea was just so amazing. I really appreciate good service, especially when the server is super chilled and funny like she was.

It can be a little awkward vlogging in a restaurant sometimes, I never know how comfortable people are with me doing it and I never know if the person even knows what vlogging is. However it definitely wasn’t the case in this place! Everyone was super happy to be apart of the vlog and didn’t mind me filming them introducing each dish.

I completely forgot to note down what we had for each dish so if you haven’t watched the above video, make sure you do so you can see what amazing food we had! The food we had was by far some of the best food I’ve every had. For the price the meal came to, and the amount of food and level of service we got, I would have paid double that happily!

If I would recommend only one place for you to go for dinner in Copenhagen, Host would be it. Just go!

H x



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