Copenhagen – Denmark Day 2


Copenhagen Day 2

If you’re ever in a new city for a long weekend, I would definitely recommend getting yourself booked onto some kind of city tour. I used to be so against tours as I hate looking like a tourist (silly I know) and never really saw the point in it. However I changed my tune after Laurence and I went on a Segway tour in Seattle and I realized it’s one of the best ways to see all major tourist attractions in the space of a couple of hours.

Ever since then, Laurence and I have made sure we book ourselves onto some form of tour when away. While in Rome, we did a vespa tour (you 100% need to do this if you’re going to Rome!) – try and get yourself onto a tour that involves the local way of traveling – it beats walking or being stuck on a coach!


9am Bike with Mike city bike tour


So first things first on our full day in Copenhagen was to do a tour! And in true Danish style… we booked a bike tour. If you’re not a big cyclist, don’t be put off! The pace is very steady with lots of breaks to stop and view land marks and we also stopped for a hot chocolate at the Copenhagen Library (which is a BEAUTIFUL bit of architecture). If you can cycle then you will be fine. Mike was just brilliant. Full of enthusiasm and energy, which I always find amazing taking into consideration, he does this every day. The tour lasted around 3 hours and it was also a great way to understand the city more and find your way around.



Let’s get one thing straight, when you go away to another country, don’t be one of those people that goes for food somewhere you can have any day at home. It’s silly to travel somewhere and get your lunch from McDonalds. Something I think is really important to do is have the local dish, which in Copenhagen is Smørrebrød. a piece of buttered rye bread, a dense, dark brown bread. Pålæg, the topping, then among others can refer to commercial or homemade cold cuts, pieces of meat or fish, cheese or spreads.

We were recommended to go to a place called Aarmans which was a bit of a walk from the main center but it was a lovely walk alongside a park. Aarmans has a take away deli option and next door a restaurant, so if you’re like me and like to sit down and take your time at a meal then it will be right up your street. The food was amazing, the service was brilliant and the whole place was super cute, great Danish design and all over exactly what we were after to refuel after a morning of cycling.


The food market

I’d read a lot of things about the food market in Copenhagen and heard some great things. Laurence and I are big lovers of food and cooking so it was kinda a no brainer to make sure we went here. We were shown the outside of it on the bike tour so we knew what to expect – two big glass halls with a space in the middle for fresh food stalls.

It was also the perfect location to surprise Laurence with his friend turning up and joining us for the rest of the trip! Which his friend and I had been planning for months. The food market is full of amazing places to get food (as well as sit and eat, which I think is great because so many food markets don’t have places where you can sit and it can be super akward eating in a crowed space stood up). The different kind of foods available was also amazing. If you’re after somewhere to kill a few hours, have some food and even a couple of drinks during the day then definitely check this place out.

After the food market and meeting up with Laurence’s friend (which was a lovely surprise for L!), we went to a bar I had read about called Storm. I had checked the opening times as it was pretty early still (around 4pm) but the opening times said they opened at 3pm so we headed over to have a few drinks there.


When we got to storm, they told us they weren’t open yet (dispite the opening time being written in chalk on the door as 3pm) and were shown out of the door… pretty confusing, surely if you have opening times you should stick to them?


Pre Dinner drinks

Olly, Laurence’s friend, actually lives in Stockholm and has been to Copenhagen a few times before (he’s the one who recommended us to go to Host and Aarmans) so it was great to have him show us more of the city he knew about. Having said that, I had researched into a bar called Lidkoeb in the Vesterbro area, which looked like an amazing pre dinner drinks bar – and it definitely was. Although the photos on the website make the bar look very bright and ‘fresh’, but when we went it was more dark and felt more sultry (maybe it looks more like the pictures on the website during the day…).

Lidkoeb has a great selection of cocktails, a very trendy atmosphere (you could easily think you were in a cook bar in Soho) and the service was great. I’m always pretty pleased with myself when I find a place by myself that’s even better then I expected – and this was definitely one of those times.



We headed to a place called Madklubben for dinner, which was around a 2 minute walk from Likoeb. Another place Olly had recommended us to go. It was a good thing I had booked a table because this place was super busy, I doubt you’d get a table if you didn’t book. I’m not sure if it’s because the night before we had an amazing experience at Host, but I didn’t feel blown away by Madklubben. The service was great, it had a buzzing atmosphere and brilliant food – there was definitely nothing wrong with it at all… I just couldn’t get the amazing experience from Host out my head!

If you’re in the Vesbro area and do get a chance to eat here, I would definitely recommend it though. I tried to find what I had for dinner on their online menu, however it looks like its changed slightly since we were there (which is a good thing, I love it when places change their menus regularly). One thing I do remember having and that was still on their menu was the snickers for desert – that was pretty tastey!


After Dinner Drinks                      

It would be rude not to continue drinking the night away with good company, right? We wanted to explore the Vestpro area some more, mostly because Laurence found a tiki bar online he wanted to give a go.

The Brass Monkey was a pretty cool tiki bar about a 10 minute walk from Madkluben, which was pretty popular – we couldn’t even get in for an hour or so because it was so busy! When we did manage to get in, we were pretty impressed with the cool vibe, amazing looking cocktails and interesting choice of music. If you like Mahiki then you will love this place!

Put me in a bar where the DJ is playing an amazing mix of music on 9 inch records, cocktails are being made with cinnamon being set alight and drinks are served in novelty Hawaiian cups and I am normally all over this.

However I don’t know if I’m getting old, but I really don’t know how I feel about bars and clubs where the music is so loud you can’t talk – or if you do it’s by shouting in someone’s ear… The Brass Monkey was definitely one of these places. I normally wouldn’t mind if you could get on the dancefloor but as cool as the music was – it wasn’t exactly the kind you can dance along too, plus there was no dance floor. So it was pretty confused as a place as we just ended up siting in a 3 not being able to talk and not really able to dance.

After the Brass Monkey, we headed on over to the meat packing district as we heard this is where some cool bars were supposed to be. There were around 3 buzzing bars in the area and it’s definitely a place to go if you like a cheap beer and some rock music – for me it wasn’t really my kind of cup of tea. So I managed to pull the boys away from the dingy bars and sniffed out a cool looking bar which served prosecco – much more my style.

H x


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