Copenhagen – Denmark Day 3

Copenhagen Day 3

Our final day in beautiful Copenhagen!


Brunch at Mother

We headed to the meat packing district for a spot of brunch at a place called Mother. It was super busy and we struggled to get a table (we ended up being seated in a little corner in the bar area) so if you plan on going here then definitely book!

Mother was pretty good as far as brunches go, it cost around 165dkk for a eat as much as you like buffet – this isn’t your typical buffet, this one had stone baked pizzas, amazing fresh salads and an impressive selection of cheeses. I still quite can’t work out if I like going to places like this while I’m away or not… it was obviously popular and full of trendy people, however I’m never quite sure how I feel going somewhere where the food isn’t very different to what we can find in the UK. It maybe would have been better to find somewhere to have some more Smørrebrød. It was still really nice though and I would definitely recommend.


Wondering around the shops

I love love love Danish design, fashion and interiors. So heading to the main shops was a big must for me. I love the simplicity of Scandinavian style and pretty much everything to do with the interiors. Everything just looks like it should be on Pinterest here. I was concerned all the shops would be your typical high street ones you could find in London, and obviously there was quite a few, but there was a good mix and we had a good walk around the center.

I’m a little gutted we didn’t have more time to explore more of some certain areas, I knew there was a design district and some areas with flea markets so it was a little annoying we didn’t have a chance to check those out.

Maybe next time.


H x


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